We Are Home!

This message comes from my Higher Self and The Collective of 22 Angels:

”Greetings to you and congratulations in doing such amazing work in keeping a high vibrational state of awareness 24/7.As you hold up this frequency in feeling good at all times you are creating the space and assisting all in understanding the power of emotions in the now.Meaning by that, that as you keep staying on the high vibrational disc of joy, the Universe keeps bringing to you confirmation of what is taking place through an unlimited series of manifestations that keep you and all those who understand the name of this game in an ever increasing fun unprecedented in the human history as you are creating your own reality with ease and grace, peace and bliss in abundance and prosperity for the highest good for all.”

The message right now continues with a high pitched sound that is very pleasant.It comes from the higher spheres and in times like this i can only sit and appreciate this sounds instead of trying to translate them.My heart is filled with Joy,Eagerness,Excitement and the time is 4h44 right now(Repetition of numbers=Angelic Sign that all is going marvellous).I call this:In Receiving mode.As Love and Light keeps flowing in ,when one stays in total observation of what is taking place, one can feel a natural high which in combination with conscious breathing brings a great sense of fulfilment in the now.One remains in total state of gratitude of what is being given.How did i manage to get myself here?easy,everytime i feel tired i get some nap, any time of the day,sometimes even 2 or more!Always good to have a nap.And then i remain aware to the energies talking to me, sometimes with sounds, sometimes with clear words, sometimes with synchronicities, some times through other people.Expect a beautiful unexpected and miraculous moments unfolding one after another and make the commitment to choose to feel good at all times no matter of what is taking place around you.Start with small things,easy,best things in life are free!Those of us who are doing the work at this time to keep the vibrations high we are doing the work for all humanity to uplift all in their Ascension paths.And for those who are on this game for quite some time, now we are receiving our toys and gifts almost instantly and that i must say is one of the most exciting times i have ever been in my life!There is deep sense and security in me, that all i desire and wish is coming to manifestation,i become witness daily and hourly of many signs confirming this and all i can is :

Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah I/We have arrived!We Are Home!Creation process to be continued!

Feel More Than Fine

Nikos Akrivos


picture:yes that’s me pouting in a container building in a recycled material museum in Stekene Belgium