We Are Electromagnetic Beings/Holistic Life In Modern Cities.

Our blood stream is like a current of electricity creating a magnetic field around our body.Anybody who has a basic notion of physics can understand this and a child that makes the experience playing with magnets will get this very fast.

The magnetic field around our body,also called aura can be seen by specialised instruments and by people who have developed the ability to see it.Whether we see it or not,it is always there in the same manner that positif and negative coexist in a magnet.

The magnetic field around our body can also be compared to the function of vibrator of our mobiles telephones or even better exemple to the function of vibration on sex toys that can be high or low.A strong magnetic field creates a high vibration, a week magnetic field or aura a low vibration.

High vibration means that we are strong in our body,mind,spirit complex.Low vibration makes our immune system weak and therefor we can get ’sick’ very easy.

In order to achieve a High Vibration daily and especially for those of us who live in cities,big or small,a holistic approach integrated in our life style is calling.Here are few basic steps till you manage to create your own way that talks more to you.I invite you to:

1.Become  Vegan,Learn Tantra,Laugh often.

2.Be Thankful,Meditate and Ask Protection from Your Angels

3.Breath properly.

4.Stretch and Move with your favorite activity.

5.Learn Techniques to Ground and Center Yourself(Reiki/Chi Gong,Yoga)

6.Take off your shoes and walk barefoot ,search for direct contact with Mother Earth.Best option : walk on green grass on a rainy day.Dare to take off your clothes and let the sun , rain ,air touch your skin.

7.Intend to be around high vibration people.Low frequency will always rise to meet the higher one,which is also he principle of resonance in physics.Party Time!!!

8.Spin 33 x 3 times a day clockwise as explained on my youtube video that i post here along The Mayan movement.

9.Listen to music attuned on 432 Hz or 528 Hz,i post few mixes of mine here.Avoid as much as you can waves from wifi,bluetooth,radio and of course TV.If not possible ask The Angel of Quantum Cleansing Oustacarti to help and protect you and your house.

10.Avoid at all cost cigarettes,alcohol,drugs,animal products that create holes in your aura and block you from connecting with your higher self.

11.Sleeping between 22h-02h is the best time to help our body,mind,spirit regenerate.

DISCO MEDITATION 9 (Part II) #528HZ Welcome Galactic Federation of Light by Djnikos on Mixcloud


All Humans we carry the living library of the whole existence in our ‘junk’ DNA.It is waking up and Father Mother God is experiencing Life through us.

This is The Secret and The Gift called Present.

Making the best to elevate ourself is the way to true peace  in our world and the only way to be in service for our planet as Earthlings.

Let’s reach for the stars and be soon with our galactic brothers and sisters that are also looking forward to be with us guided by  the most radiant of our brothers, Sananda aka Jesus Christ.

Do you believe in UFOs?

Feel More Than Fine

Nikos Akrivos