Visualize with me Prosperity for all Humanity

In the not so distant future every human being will be liberated from the burden of having to worry about all basic needs as this is a Human right and Basic Universal Income will be installed no strings attached. This means that whatever governments to do these days with giving monies to only those who do the vaccine and getting passport is conditional and hence does not apply to what i am speaking to you. It is obvious for one to see clearly that what they are trying to do is be able to control the flow and control the we the people but this can never succeed as we each and everyone are taking back our power as Sovereign Beings from within out, spreading our Light and exposing more of the darkness that has been happening for thousands of years without our collective awareness. Collective yes, because some knew and tried to let know others and lost their lives while others just chose to sell their souls and work for the darkness.

Now to this realization and since this website is always about feeling good and living a joyful life i want to invite you to visualize with me what freedom will do to people’s lives and how this will affect the planet towards reaching a higher state of existence individually and collectively. How would this affect your personal life ,what would you do if you had every month in your account say 1200$ / month or more ?

Imagines that all utility bills ,rent ,food , water etc are being taken care of .What will be your next choice ?

Spend more time with family and friends ? Find new ways to inspire yourself ? Getting more on the Spiritual Wheel of Life of Love and Light which btw is the only real one ?

How will people behave all around us ? How would children behave around more relaxed adult parents and how much comfortable and with ease would be the lives of the boys and girls finishing college , not really knowing or decided what their orientation is, yet having amply the time to feel into what they like to do most and being able to follow their heart’s song ?

That goes also for all adults that never in the lives previously had such opportunity.

I believe Covid year was a good preparation for that and yes many have left us physically to assist us from the other side of the veil as nobody really dies.

I believe that there is nothing more important that doing the sacred work to find The True Self and with the ease that the new financial system will bring in covering basic needs each and everyone is given the chance to focus on their Ascension path from Human To Galactic.

So i invite you to visualize with me how our lives will be transformed with more ease on Gaia Terra Christa Mother Earth with these new changes being implemented. I invite you to feel into these moments and practice this daily as to entrain yourself into living a New Earth reality on a planet that works for all ,where The Highest Good for all is served.


Nikos Akrivos