Victory of light is a fact.

In higher dimensions understanding God/Humanity have won and we can now proceed without obstructions in creating the new. Everything i share just confirms what I KNOW to be true in my heart. It may take a while till all perceive it as such. There are lessons along the way as we learn to Ascend from Human to Galactic Society and every soul is pushing for the discovery of that path for everyone. Our best bet is to focus on vibrating high at all times. In other terms to Feel Good more often than not and basically get to that state 24/24 which i call Feel More Than Fine. EveryONE has their own path and speed and i respect that and the choices one makes at any moment shows up in the reality one chooses to focus upon. Love Yoursef so much so you may discover your path. The only way is within. And God along all Angels are always present, ask and take time to listen voice within and you ll receive your answer. If not today, tomorrow after a good night sleep. Or at least have that inner joy constantly on check. For a while till you get you want there will be just that. Inner Joy. It may take years till you get what you really want or less depending where you stand in your allowing of what you desire . Let Joy within be enough for a while. It is the best and most accurate system we each have. And from that space you know. Victory of Light is A Fact.New Earth is already here.Our new lives on a loving and forgiving planet that works for all too.💫💚🙏