Uncovering A Deeper Meaning of Life.My Agenda and Vision for 2020-2030. (part I)

Life is a spiral.For example we always have somehow the impression that we are visiting the same places as we go on about our days whether this is what we call our home we live in or a place we like to walk to or jogging or travelling to etc.We may chose always to visit the same place countless times because of its familiarity or because of comfort reasons for working reasons , for finding peace etc.And along that path we are learning our lessons of evolution.
In my case, it was 16 years ago that i was jumping up and down when i discovered for the first time in my present incarnation the power of the words Feel More Than Fine.I was at a private party celebrating with friends.And it took me 16 years to finally grasp the deeper meaning (so far) of it:it has been always been my human nature to share with others this important discovery i made in me and i confess that i used everything that i found as information and tools around and in me from workshops to events and music to bring all those who come in contact with me to the importance of these words.Without a visible success for the most part, in fact i lost many of my friends and connections because of my stubbornness to prove my discovery, which is of course nothing else than resistance to the creation process.So now, as we come to the end of this very shockingly revealing 2019 ,as more of us, of humanity learn to always live in the now, releasing all that do not serve us any longer while also learning to navigate in our newly found multidimensional selves in the 5th dimension and beyond having at an accelerated pace a clear understanding of the importance of our conversation with our God within which is one and the same for all and yet with different messages for each and every one, we are discovering that we are made of the same stuff of Love and Light yet with different missions and purposes from each other all at the end in Joyful service for the Highest Good for all, fulfilling Divine Mother’s Plan.Every moment is to be lived from authentic Joy emanating from within that one can truly feel when there is alignment with God within.Feeling and Being the Joy that one truly is ,is now becoming the definition of Feel More Than Fine.While at the past i was trying to convince others about the truth of my message, now all i need to do is go within, refill my cup and share my light in all places i want anywhere on the planet, sometimes physically most times through the ethers.
One now has the opportunity to truly feel the Joy they are in their being according of own ways of self discovery that are very different from one another and a subject that i avoid to discuss nowadays because i don’t want to come into discussions of being right or wrong.Meditation , silent contemplation , Light work for the planet and the collective, dancing ,mindfulness in all things is doing the ‘trick’ for me.
And so speaking about Spiral of Life, in my case i have been living in many same places all around Europe that i come to ask myself:What is it that makes me travel to same places ,is it because of people i meet, is it for comfort reasons ? what is it that i have always tendency to go visit and travel in same or at times a new place after a while like feeling that my work is done and need to move elsewhere.And so in my spiral of Life while going to same or new or same new places, it has been always a very different experience.In the past i will go to places to meet like minded and hearted people for doing same job, same activities, learning from each other while today this has totally shifted in me as i know i have always been GOod enough, that I Am The Love and The Light and The Joy at all times and all i need to do is connect to my God within, ask for guidance and i will get a clear message on where or what to do next and if i need to make a move and even at times take even 1 or 2 steps back.
And so in these last 7 years of my life starting in 2012 more than anything intuition has been guiding my choices about always choosing to do what gives me joy.I knew there is a transition in process for humanity and the planet and about Ascension.This has been embedded in my DNA like inner knowing that can not be described with words.I received the call to go to Ibiza while at an airport in Paris and with the last of my money i buy myself a ticket and land in Ibiza without preparing anything in advance.Just a call and a joyful feeling and my decision to Trust it.This Trust that i learned to cultivate brought me constantly in many discoveries about myself that i have not encountered in my earlier years.Again in 2016,i leave my partner and choose to isolate in meditation in Ibiza while following my passion for playing music and 2 years later being in U.K. or France visiting all these sacred places in Glastonbury or in Nice doing Grid work, only to read about the leylines later on.Quite interesting rider I must admit!(Most people will go about reading some information before visiting places, i personally never liked to do that.Maybe because i never really trusted books since the time i chose to quit my medical studies and pursue a more artistic career following the inner path joy and nothing else).

I call this my awakening process:7 years of purification,7 years of transition ,7 cycles of 7 years as i become 49 circles around the sun, feeling always 22 in my age :))))), 7 years of discovering that the more i purify myself even from past life traumas, the more this affects my reality and all life on the planet understanding that all the clearing i do for myself i am also doing for all humanity and the planet.Did i always choose for the path of Trust?well,i can confess again that at times i did some really daring things, like going to Senegal in 2013 with the last money i had in my pockets, at times i felt that i was going to die, at times that lasted for even long periods of time nothing was feeling good , not to mention ”more than fine!” in my life.Only to discover that after few days or weeks or months all i was doing is to just did not truly listen to my inner voice and chose for the comfort mind solution or for pleasing others including mostly close family members.And i can also affirm that in these moments, i felt the presence of God, of my angelic team and guides so powerfully that my ears will be buzzing for long periods of time.I know today that the buzzing in my ears is the confirmation of high vibration beings, my soul family and guides around me confirming their presence and that all is well.Some call it the kundalini rising energy.I feel it is both.The sounds of the spheres come with different tones.

Tomorrow part 2.