Uncovering A Deeper Meaning of Life. My Agenda and Vision for 2020-2030. (Part 2)

Talking about synchronicity!!!On a quick note before i continue on with part II of my yesterday’s post :Just i have posted the part I of this blog here i check in my mailbox and notice this message about number 7 from the Universe :

The way you know you’ll receive 7 times what you give, Nikos, or in some cases 4,900 times what you give, is that the giving gives you true joy without any thought of even receiving 1 times back. 
Nice R.O.I.,    

The Universe

Oh, the 4,900 multiple, Nikos? Yes, this was overlooked by your parables because it was never quite understood. To quote, “Verily, he or she who gives, without any thought of receiving, will receive 7 times recompense for their offering, while those who do so with an authentic glad heart, happy dance, or “Whoohooo!” will receive thy 7 times recompense 700 more times.” ( Thoughts become things… choose the good ones! ® © www.tut.com ®  )

And so going back to the spiral of life, these last days i discovered that actually the reason i chose to travel-without really knowing it in the moment why i chose to go in one particular place, just having fun on the way-in same places is because of information embedded in my DNA for activating portals and doing Grid work on the planet.Quite a discovery for me i must confess here down the path of these 7 years of transition.It totally brings the answer to my question:why do i find myself being in the same place again and again?why did i not always have the means to travel somewhere on the planet where i have never been before?did i create this experience for myself or was it guided from my soul as an agreement i made before i incarnating in this body?Do i really create my life through the things i want or is it my soul and soul team that has the final word?who is the creator?my mind or my soul?

Today what i came to realise is that it is both.When i am aligned with source within, being the source energy being that i am know IAM, mind and soul merge and become one from where more guidance comes satisfying in all paths and directions i wish to go including thoughts.

’’The path to what you want will never go away, it is only the receptiveness to that path that changes’’ Abraham Hicks.

And so while i know now that while i m making some 3 dimensional choices based on my experience so far, yes i do want my toys(mind): electric car and van and ebikes and 5th dimensional home(s) and also i want (soul) free energy on a pristine planet knowing that all children are safe and sound and all 8 billion people are having their basic needs met for smooth Ascension, inner guidance is now taking the lead of becoming an instrument of God for the highest good for all.This does not take the pleasure away, no not at all.In fact it is one and the same and it happens through following one’s joy and by choosing moment to feel good to feel more than fine, from within out in the spiral of life playing ping pong between what soul came to do in this body and what is our current definition of doing things that give Joy which is right now transitioning from 3D to 5D.(most probably when i do get my so called toys, it will be only temporary joy for a few weeks or months till i find some new toys or joys)
Quite a ride!Where does this end?
Well, it is a spiral that never ends,same way the Earth revolves around the Sun while the Sun is also going in some direction creating all together an infinite spiral,the spiral of evolution we notice in all life from the the cells become cells to trees growing or music attuned to 432Hz.(all good subjects to research and find out all the information you like to know)

We are eternal and immortal source energy and multidimensional beings catapulting ourselves from human to galactic living in beautiful ascended rejuvenated physical bodies up to 1000 years One with God,One with All That Is.
That’s where my intel and disclosure go so far from high up in the skies!
Don’t believe me?look around you and see what takes place in these coming months and let’s speak again, telepathy does the trick to btw;) in one year from now, shall we?and then let’s speak in 2021 and 2022 and 2023.
350,000 years of enslaved humanity being liberated each one living an abundant and prosperous life on a loving and forgiving planet in reverence and respect for all life with all they need with ease, grace and flow.That resumes my Agenda and my vision for 2020-2030.
December 6th 2020, our next meeting, telepathic or physisal,you may choose!
My email is info@feelmorethanfine.eu if you feel like expressing your thoughts and feelings.Cause if we didn’t already , we might find some common ground for co-creating New Earth experience for the highest good for all , cause if you read till the end of this blog, it is not a coincidence at all 😉

Feel More Than Fine because it your your vibration that creates your reality and the way you feel shows how aligned or not you are with source.

Donations are always welcome here and do a happy dance while doing so,whether it is your love or some monies,remember one more time The Universe’s message :Verily, he or she who gives, without any thought of receiving, will receive 7 times recompense for their offering, while those who do so with an authentic glad heart, happy dance, or “Whoohooo!” will receive thy 7 times recompense 700 more times.