Toxic body?Getting Drunk?Free Will is Yours.Always.

if we really want to create change and avoid this kind of situation in our New Earth realities,i say focus on creating the new, begin new bars that are healthy oriented,offering elixirs of rejuvenation and juices and coco nut water,all that the body needs to be healthy 100% and celebrate with ease ,grace and flow.I want to party with friends and what i speak with them is remembered the next day.IT IS POSSIBLE to have fun and celebrate without needing to drink alcohol or use drugs.Just one voice here.Free Will yes,it is there for all to use at all times.Free Will is dangerous.What is Your choice next time you go to your neighborhood’s bar?get drunk or be an example of how one can celebrate without the need to drink?or use drugs or smoke weed.Free Will is yours.Always.And your conscious decision for the highest good creates a ripple in the universes that will attract to you the best celebration ever,if you choose so.Free Will is Yours.Always.