Time to Be The God Being Creator That I know IAM.

And one morning like today I wake up and I don’t feel anymore like reading any of the news out there,I ignore all and focus on my creations for the highest good for all and nothing else,I focus on creating the new and nothing else.

And with this on this day January 4th 2020 I declare officialy that IAM World Peace IAM and as i say it and feel it and know it, World Peace becomes reality in MY Universe.And while i say this,the cat comes on my lap and asks for some attention.We are creating this together in the here and now.

On this day January 4th 2020,I create The Highest Good For all Humanity to be assisted with thousands of innovative ideas and projects to reach 100% Well Being and Rejuvenation,Abundance and Prosperity in all ways,100% Respect for Mother Earth with the utilisation of Free Energy Technologies for all uses and 100% Respect for the Animal Kingdom with Humanity is becoming Vegan or at least Vegeterian,where all understand that what one needs on their body mostly is more Love and Light,more water and minerals as we evolve from Carbon Based Bodies to Light Bodies of Crystalline nature.

On this day January 4th 2020,I Create New Earth Schools that truly assist each and everyone to be more aware of their Creator abilities and New Powers with playfulness,with ease,grace and flow.Where all that needs to be learned is being read or receive once and direclty assimillitated by a perfect functionning brain.

On this day January 4th 2020,I Create Basic Universal Income for all Humanity.I Create Homes for all Homeless and I create a Loving and Forgiving Planet with all live in the house of their dreams and liking and get to travel whenever they want wherever the want and where all children are safe and sound,where all humanity is Safe and Sound.

On this day January 4th i release all memories ,from past lives and from this life ,that do not serve me,i keep only those that give me joy and I congratulate myself for my hard work to bring about and be part of the miracle called The Ascension of Humanity and Mother Earth in constant gratitude for all the help I Am receicing at all times from all Light Beings,The Company of Heaven and Mother Father God and The Supreme Creator.

On this day January 4th,i decree it as the day where communities of like minded and hearted Human to Galactic Beings,all connected to The God within ,they all know they are, are physically coming together to Co-Create the New with power and trust that this is now being magnified a 1000 fold every second of our Earthhy hours.

I create amazing mobility for myself and for all our communities,starting from the use of a vast choice of electric vehicles and going to super anti gravity vehicles that brings us from Paris to Rio in 1 hour+ time.This will help all of us that are working in our communities in being in the best service I/WE can be in assisting all and everyone I/WE meet on my/our path to have a smooth Ascension process.If there is a need for a house,I/WE will provide!If there is a need for financial assistance to realize projects FOR THE HIGHEST GOOD FOR ALL,projects that DO NO HARM TO SELF OR OTHERS I/We will provide!

And with this i decree today that our organisation Feel More Than Fine Africa for assisting children in Senegal is being hydrated financially to begin the works,it has been a long wait since 2013,now is the time to put the hands in the dirt and begin the work.

I decree today that our Free Energy Invention called Electra is receiving the funding and compliance to begin the works and replace all electric energy producers using coil or other sources stolen from Mother Earth with our solution.I create the all Greece and other countries that wish so to have 100% clean energy for all uses.

I create and decree that all people on the planet are being fed abundantly with whole organic foods and hydrated with 100% vitalised water and clothed and have the roof of the likikg over their heads.

This list is to be continued by you and all that feels in the n ow their Creator Power within.No intel or news or 3dimensional movies and stories can hinder any longer our powerful creator abilites.This is the end of the old.This is the beginning of the new.I decree it,I Create It with ease,grace and flow.

I create 100% healthy entertainment where all are celebrating and dancing one with their wholy nature with musicians and artists and performers of all ages are sharing their gift in a 100% healthy environment being served only water,juices and high vibrational vegan foods.I create worldwide transformation in this sector.

I create vast amounts of money available for reforestation of all cities and Mother Earth,i create more Trees all over the planet.I see,sense and acknowledge beautiful green peaceful cities,living somewhere in nature or living in the cities is at all times a peaceful and grounding experience.

I create that all harm that has been done on the planet and on humanity in blocking our Ascension process is now officially reversed and in accelerated GOD SPEED ways reaching the perfection of existence in all ways,in all dimensions and in all of Creation.And SO IT IS.AND SO BE IT.

Create with me,Create with me Feel More Than Fine family.


I love you.