This week we ask you again to send your Light to the 5D grid. -AA michael through sharon-

December 26, 2021

Archangel Michael Week 36

Folks, I have created a back-up channel on Rumble because I now have one strike on youtube. So all my video’s will be going there as well. Also remember to follow me on GAB and Parler. I’m seeing that I have 50 followers but only get 3 likes on my posts, so I’m still wondering what I’m doing this all for if you’re not seeing my posts. You’re going to have to be flexible because people are trying to cut me off electronically from you.

I am Archangel Michael with a message for the light angelic warrior group.

Light is needed upon your earth right now. Yes, the people of earth are living within their shadows, and the only cure for the shadow is to shed Light upon it.

It is a good idea, Sharon to add COBRA’s full moon meditations to this roster. We can put something up on the website but add reminders in the week of the moon meditation to remind all those participating.

A new year is upon us all. Those of the heavenly dimension look upon this year as a time of great change for you but a time of salvation for many. We look with sadness as we see the grief being expressed by so many, we look with dismay as we see so many continuing on in their darkness and by this we mean their absence of Light, we look with happiness as we see so many whose hues begin to shine with the colours of God. And particularly for you, who wish to join in at the request of God, every week to send Light as a group to those places or peoples upon earth most in need of it.

Yes, it does help. Many of you have been challenged and it does help. The reality you see before you is a creation of your minds. When you use your minds to change creation, the reality you see changes but this is in what you call your future. However, many are so focused on the physical reality that they don’t understand the power that changing your mind can have for so many upon earth. It is fine to change the physical reality. Once evil has manifested, then it must be stopped and there are many doing this now. The more people work together, particularly in physical groups, to stop evil in its physical tracks, the better. We ask that you do this, work together with groups to help others in need, and to stop evil.

However, the mind is still more powerful than the physical reality. The physical reality is what you minds have created. The more powerful minds we can gather together in this weekly meditation the more the physical reality will change for the better. I see that more people are joining in, and in whatever way you can help is fine. If you meditate, pray or simply send your blessings, then you have done well. Doing good in a world that is evil – where evil and ignorance of one’s evil – is the most common expression of the general populace, is the best thing you can do. Do any good. Anything at all that is considered good is a wonderful way to live.

This week we ask you again to send your Light to the 5D grid. We are still anchoring it to the earth’s populace, and many are having trouble, even rejecting the grid. These people have chosen to die as they understand they are not what the earth needs now. We bid them well as they choose to further their journey of Light in a place more suitable for themselves, and these worlds are being prepared for them now. Some have chosen shortened lives in order to allow others to see the evil clearly. All are working in this process to raise the frequency – the Light – of humanity. It is unfortunate that these things are misinterpreted, and that is part of the ignorance that I speak of.

Yes, people are dying in large numbers. It is unfortunate they cannot go along in this journey of Light but their souls have chosen to show others upon earth the physical reality. They die so that others can ascend. I know this is difficult for you but please accept this as an explanation for what is happening. Yes, you will grieve, but understand they did it for the best reasons, they are always with you although not in the physical reality, and they have done this too, for their own soul’s ascension.

Death is difficult. You are surrounded by it now. It is difficult to accept. In the end you will be able to look back and understand because you will be of higher Light and knowledge and more ready to understand, but now understand please there is a good reason for every horrible act on this earth. It is all about enlightenment and moving earth out of its collective shadow and back into the Light of God’s love.

I am Archangel Michael. I am with you. I hold your heart in my hands as you cry for your loved ones who will not understand. You are my warriors of love. You are my heart. We are legion.

We are the Light. We are Love. We will prevail.