This month’s full Moon rises on the night of Friday, September 13, and reaches peak fullness at 6:33 a.m. CET on the 14th.

”All hearts on deck with the pure intent to dissolve all uncomplimentary agendas, frequencies, control mechanisms of the past. Divine Neutrality. Feel, visualize and amplify the New Earth Now and decree the realities to express the higher timelines for all concerned.”

Blessings Beloveds ~

Gratitude for your patience as I integrate in Sedona after weeks of travel, Gatework and speaking engagements. The recap/insights on the Disclosure conference will be posted later this week.

For the moment, let us be aware of our presence at a disclosure conference and the higher purpose for that, in regards to the collective timeline shifts. More on that later.

In this Now, the intensifying energies and opportunities presenting in September are a priority.

Gatekeepers did a massive opening and clearing on the night of 9-9, which accelerated the clearing of uncomplimentary activities, relationships, energies, anything which prevents Divine flow with the current grid merge or higher timelines. This is preparation for Equinox, which an amplifier of Divine Balance.

Pay attention to what presents or drops away this week, and throughout this month. Collective timeline shifts are powerful events, and we are gearing up for domino-effect events to reveal a collective awareness of intense change. The balancing act is global. Support balance in your own lifestream as it applies to/compliments the higher Ascension timelines.

Walk through September with your Mastery focused on highest choice. Grace, Ease, Creativity and Flow rule the frequency of the higher experience. There are key cosmic trigger points embedded into these higher timelines. Gate clearings tend to reveal what blocks those transformative turning points. It may be subtle or dramatic, just pay attention. No victimhood, judgment or self-judgment. All is amplified for our benefit and free will choice.

We amplify outcomes with our personal thoughts, emotions, words and deeds. Remember this is on behalf of the Ascension, which is already occurring. The Universal photonic command for order breaks apart what is not in balance. Equinox provides a window (Gateway) for our Higher aspects to do the good work. Keep aligned with creating the New.

You may notice the intensity as we approach the Full Moon on Friday, September 13 at 9:35pm PT. High-level clearings affect all realms. All hearts on deck with the pure intent to dissolve all uncomplimentary agendas, frequencies, control mechanisms of the past. Do this from the diamond-clear Divinely Neutral space of the heart. Let the Light do the good work. Write some high-vibe decrees for the New Earth Now, feel, visualize and amplify the Ascended states of Gaia (already there) and allow the realities to shift as needed for all concerned.

Ascension Symptoms: Embracing Embodiment

Most of you know what photonic light does to the body at this point. (Newbies, review the free ebooks or take a class to catch up.)

  • Tired and wired is normal.
  • Stimulation of the etheric glands in the diaphragm to handle more light (the Buddha belly effect) is normal.
  • Increases in electric and magnetic activity as the torus fields expand are normal.
  • The increasing tones and sensations are normal.
  • Amplification of the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual levels for clearing and lessons is normal.

We get it.

Embodiment requires reconnection of etheric levels of DNA. Embodiment simultaneously causes an acceleration in that reconnection. It can be intense – in a good, mystical, surreal kind of way.

Frequencies and codes are aimed at DNA, because that is how we create our experiences in form.

It is not the DNA controlling the experience, it is your higher consciousness shining through it. When the Higher Self begins the Embodiment process, which is happening collectively this year, it triggers higher trajectories of collective Ascension to occur. Embodiment changes everything, including timeline shifts.

Kindwhile, the cells have to hold a significant higher amount of light to give the palpable experience of Ascension. This is a perfect moment to review and fine-tune your Ascension practices.

Basic practices to stay on the higher trajectory:

Emotional clearing, at any phase of the process. Uncomplimentary thoughts, emotions, habits, addictions have to be consciously resolved and released. This is a HUGE act of service.

The more we clear, the less expression of distortion occurs in the collective realities. It also has a direct effect on the elementals, which are sensitive to collective thought, emotion and clearings through the stargates. If the fires, storms and distortions bother you, please resolve those fears and reactions within. Assist others if you have that skill.

Alignment with the organic realms is key. It demonstrates your choice of reality. Get outside with the pure intent to BE in alignment. Meditate in nature, send love and gratitude to all that is. This grants permission for the pure, organic Ascension codes to activate within your DNA.

SUNlight has changed again. You may have noticed that the SUN has become more crystalline and intense since the last Gateway. The photonic pressure is on for the 2020 clarity to be a collective experience, right now. In our Mastery, we alchemically transform our hearts with these Solar-Diamond-Crystalline-Photonic frequencies. The upgrades are palpable. Turn off your AI gadgets and get out there to receive the pure codes. I was up on Shasta during the last intense geomagnetic storm as the incoming codes surged the grids. Remember a core magnetic shift in Gaia means deep adjustments for our own inner compass. The influxes which elevated the K-index were a response to the magnetic shifts of the August Gateway. This reinforced the grid merge with the the New Earth Crystalline Grids (a bridge to the new realities.)

Lemurian/Inner Earth support is consistent now. Allow connection with these subtle realms, and remember many of these expressions are your past intention merging with your present and future consciousness. It is a side-effect of zero point dynamics: merging of the past-present-future girds reflects the merging of the embodiment phase (past-present-Higher Ascended Self). Note the synchronistic activity of a zero-point merge of the old paradigm (lower timelines), Ascending timelines (present) and New Earth realms (the already created future outcome existing since the 12-12-12.)

Movement, rest and meditation: Rest is necessary to integrate, however the energy fields require movement to expand. It assists with anxieties or stress associated with deep change. Balance the mental, emotional and physical levels with movement, meditation and stress-relieving creativity.

Hydration: Solaris is broadcasting higher levels of photonic-encoded plasma, delivered with increasing intensity as larger stargates and Crystalline grid systems reconnect. (SUN gazing may be challenging some days; be wise with your eyes.)

Plasma influxes make us thirsty, because they are triggering the water in our bodies to change. Some of this incoming plasma is a new form of water, activating the aquifers (and the water in your cells) to hold more photonic light on the planet. Water is key for upgrading the cells and DNA, and activating crystalline structures. Remember this planet is built for Ascension (abundant quartz + water) and those aspects are the easiest to amplify, within and without.

For DNA best practices, check out the Crystalline DNA ebook (free tosubscribers) or join the new Crystalline DNA class beginning the week of September 23.

Significant Passages for our Unification & Gate/Gridwork:

September 13: Full Moon at 9:35pm PDT. All hearts on deck with the pure intent to dissolve all uncomplimentary agendas, frequencies, control mechanisms of the past. Divine Neutrality. Feel, visualize and amplify the New Earth Now and decree the realities to express the higher timelines for all concerned.

September 15: SUNday Global Unity Meditations, increasing light levels. Join us at at 5:11am, 8:11am, 11:11am and 5:11pm Pacific Time. Details at

September 18-19: Gate opening for the Equinox influx and collective balance.

September 22: SUNday Global Unity Meditations – prep for Equinox. Join us at at 5:11am, 8:11am, 11:11am and 5:11pm Pacific Time. Details at

September 23: Equinox at 12:50am PT. Global Unity Meditation and collective Gatework. Let the balance unfold with ease and grace.

September 28: New Moon at 11:27am PT. Global Unity meditation.

September 28 – 29: Collective Timeline shift. Strong boost for First Embodiers and collective DNA. Co-create the palpable experience of Ascension across all densities and parallel realities, to the highest level allowed by cosmic law.

September 29: SUNday Global Unity Meditations. Join us at at 5:11am, 8:11am, 11:11am and 5:11pm Pacific Time. Details at

We Create as One

In our Mastery, we shower this planet and all of her life with the highest levels of Divine LoveLight through the awakened Presence of Source in our Hearts. This month holds the possibility for positive, somewhat surprising change. As vehicles for these positive unfoldments, we co-create the amplification of Divine Love in the NOW as a high act of Divine Service.Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,