The Art of Ascension


Humanity’s Ascension : Prime Creator Confirms Priority Number 1.

Acceptance,Allowance,Gratitude.Mastering Our Physical Body.Blessing Our Food and Our Environments at home or where we travel.

Focusing our attention into our ascension is what matters more in this timeline of our existence as human beings.

I am here to elevate myself and Gaia.If you think same way welcome,if you are not i have no time for nonsense

-Pleiadian Teaching-

Ascension is the accelerated process of evolution that all sentient  being go through with the arrival of photons from the central galactic sun since December 2012 accelerated by the passage of inhabited planet Nibiru.Intending to raise our vibration constantly in our day is the best gift we can offer to ourself the planet and of course everybody around us.

Low Frequency will always rise to meet The Higher Frequency states the Resonance Law in physics.


Humans we carry the living library of the existence of the universe in our genes.We are All equally important.Every  action little or small counts right now! Every smile,every act of kindness,the love we send out to All  is transforming everything around us and  assisting Ascension for the benefit of this Universe and  of many more others.(Yes we do have this great responsibility and honour to serve through our existence)

Love is the way,through meditation and prayer,connecting and asking help from our Angels,Ascended Masters,Father/Mother God.

Raising our vibration can be done also by being with others while keeping this intention in mind.Nothing better in my opinion than an alcool free daytime event,dancing preferably outside with bare feet on the ground with friends sharing crazy wisdom and raw vegan food.

Ascension is about learning that we are vibration and that we have the ability to raise it through our machine called emotions.

Intending to Feel More Than Fine in the core of our being is accelerating our Ascension.

There are many fun ways to raise our vibration be integrating movement,prayer and meditation.One of them is Yoga.But i am not going to talk about this cause it is so widely spread already.There
other ways ,that you mind find easier too to start with.

In these next videos i am sharing how to do this while dancing,while doing Pilates,Qui Gond and a combination of Pleiadian/Mayan Teachings.


If you really like any of those please go ahead and watch.It is important that you like it because if you don’t it can have the opposite effect.IT IS ALL ABOUT BEING PRESENT WITH YOUR BREATH WHILE YOU MOVE.I invite you to be your own artist ,find and combine what resonates more with your heart.

So here we go :



Nikos Akrivos

www.Feel More Than