The Undercurrent Grows.

Content is light-encoded to assist your journey.

Blessings Beloveds ~
The undercurrent intensifies as we near the Revelation Wave influxes. Perhaps you have felt this reality-shifting mechanism flowing beneath the surface realities. 

There is so much happening in this Now. The Zero Point where all is simultaneous begins to bleed through into our waking lifestream like never before.

Explore the multidimensional operation of this Divine passage. The distractions and polarities are purposeful, and become more intense, as these energies flow in.

In your Divine Heart, all is eternal, infinite, limitless creation. Re-heart your fields, thoughts, visions and focus often. Zero Point provides amplification – as well as photonic order.

In our Mastery, our Hearts are beaming the True Self, the Creator State of BEingness to all of these realms. Be a blessing to the Now. In Divine Service, we seize opportunities for kindness, moment by moment.

November Webinar replay Now Available

Guidance for this Now and Preparation for the December Revelation Wave. Receive video & audio replays at

Higher realms requested unified Gate & Grid focus December 12-14

The 12-12 has always launched brand new energies. The Revelation Wave is a Divine and powerful shift point for collective realities.

The Higher realms are encouraging all who work with the organic stargates and Crystalline grids to be outside, on the land, for three mornings in a row. We are opening for these consciousness-shifting codes, waves and photonic flows to utilize the organic stargates like never before. To honor this, we will gather for three mornings that weekend in Sedona.

December Live Gatherings in Sedona:

Saturday December 12 at 9AM MST
12-12 Gate & Grid activation
Private group of Gate & Gridkeepers – contact Sandra for details.

SUNday December 13 at 9AM MST
Live SUNday Unity Meditation at Cathedral Rock

Monday, December 14 at 9AM MST
Solar Eclipse Meditation/ Code Activation at Cathedral Rock

Gratitude to all continuing to hold the stability of Divine Love as the USA experiences *election month.*  Let us use our Responsible Creation tools and allow the highest outcomes to unfold with as much ease and grace as  possible.  Let us show Humanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,

Photo at top: Visiting the Grandest Canyon this week