The Truth Is.

The Truth is that we have been asking collectively for a smooth transition.This means that specific dates with specific events may not happen same way as we expect to see them in the physical material world within our minds.The Truth is that Victory of Light is assured.The Truth is that the way to go there happens as smoothly as it can be for each and everyONE.The Truth is that those who know must be patient and forgiving and loving with those who are in the process of getting to know.The Truth is that we are ONE Consciousness and our power lies in our Awareness of this withIN.The more of us KNOW this Truth the faster tangible physical manifestations happen.The truth is that those who are in the know can enjoy our lives and feel good all the time ,when we know we know!And from this knowingness- which is nothing else than the highest vibration of LOVE and Light, of Joy and Peace and Abundance and Clarity and Prosperity – we allow the timelines that work for the highest good for all to be manifest.The Truth is that it is not too bad to feel good, feel more than fine all of the time lol.The Truth is that once One has done the work on a daily basis to be in that state, everything unfolds magically.The Truth is that no one is in control of our lives except from ourselves and how we feel reflects how close we are to this truth.If one feels angry or in fear he/she simply has allowed outside circumstances, call it MSM, politicians etc. to create such distraction that she/he has forgot that the way he/she feels only reflects Source telling her/him :COME BACK TO YOUR TRUTH IN THE HERE AND NOW.If you read this far, it means that you understand what i am sharing here with you and i invite you to just visualise all those who are not in this knowingness to find it and oh how wonderful amazing awesome this will feel.Let us blaze the Violet Flame in through and around the planet for this to be manifest in this now ,so we may all witness the most beautiful outcomes on a planet that works for all.Let’s Make Earth Great Again.God is withIN us and with us.
I Love You All!