The Time Is Now.

Hello Angels,through my perspective,this is a time where each one of you reading this needs to be more aware than ever and focus on creating the new matrix of the highest good for all at all times.I vividely invite you to focus on doing longer meditations every day-i do one in the morning and one before going to bed- and sending out your desires for your life and all life by creating a list with priorities that you keep only for yourself,no need to speak to anyone about it ,as this may take away energy from your manifestation and then read it before you go to bed and first thing in the morning,feeling into the outcome of it and and as you soon as you finish say out loud :Thank You Mother Father God for already giving me what I am asking for.I Am God and with God.

Then during your day,every time your desires come into your mind remember to be thankful and always repeat this forementionned mantra.Intend to think,feel and repeat this 100 times a day even if is for a few seconds,it works and it raises your frequency to the highest levels.The longer you stay ,the deeper you go ,the more powerful.All you are asked to do is to Feel More Than Fine all day long.Choose the easy way of Love and Joy!With Focus and dedication,become the witness of your beautiful reality in your now as you realize the powerful magnet that you are of all the GOod things in life you are worthy and deserve at all times.

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Feel More Than Fine Always


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