The Revelation Waves are consistent Source-encoded plasma waves which push the higher agendas to reveal, free and empower HUmanity. -Sandra Walter Ascension Energies Update-

Blessings Beloveds ~
I AM sending everyone Divine LoveLight and strength as we hold the balance during some rapid-fire changes in this Now. Embodiment of these higher frequencies changes everything; this is our Divine Service in this Now. The BEcoming.

The Revelation Waves are consistent Source-encoded plasma waves which push the higher agendas to reveal, free and empower HUmanity. They will be strong over the next two weeks as we complete this Gateway. Revelation is a theme throughout 2021.

Choice of reality becomes clearer and more refined as we enter the seven realms of New Earth.

I AM grateful to work with the siSTARhoods and Brotherhoods of the organic Ascension during this passage. Obviously, there is a lot unfolding on a cosmic scale. Dismantling, revelation and sleight-of-hand indeed. A true test of Faith in each other as well as Source. Trust Divine Love.

Resist the Distractions: More time with Gaia, more time in the Creator State, less time in the fray of online assumptions about what is and is not true.

Dismantling of distortions affects all realms. Let the revelations go deep. Deeper than any disclosure, deeper than any belief. This is a passage for core change. Realities will crumble this year. Stay flexible, clear, pliable in all expressions – physical and nonphysical.

This transformational passage includes simultaneous creation of the New. All choices amplified, let’s use that energy. As always, Don’t watch the old burn, get on with creating the New.

As we embrace our empowered Creator HUman State, we reflect what is happening on a cosmic scale. We cleanse and clear distortions, and redesign our journeys to reflect our highest trajectory, highest level of service. We simultaneously shift the inner, and express it in the outer.

One of my first steps was a new logo and renaming the High Vibe Tribe. Feel into the Light codes and intentions of leveling up to the Crystalline Collective.

I will give you a sneak peek preview of my new services and upgrades next week.

SUNday Unity Meditations

We celebrate our 5 year Anniversary of Global Mass Meditations this year.

NOW MORE THAN EVER, our Unity is needed and truly affects the collective outcomes.

We have had a dramatic increase in the presence of Higher BEingness during our meditations. Whomever you resonate with – Angelics, Masters, Galactics, Divine Mother, Heavenly Father, Paradise SUNs and Daughters – call them in to co-create an infusion of Divine LoveLight into all willing hearts and DNA during our sessions.

Please invite anyone who needs support, heart activation or a light quotient boost to join us.

We unite every SUNday. We have a small change to our SUNday Unity Meditation sessions. Our start times for synchronization are now at 5AM, 8AM and 11AM Pacific Standard Time (UTC – 8), just 11 minutes earlier. We meditate for 30 minutes.

Offline, to activate the organic unified HUman heart connection.  Details HERE

The Revelation Wave Ebook

Receive or share this free ebook full of guidance for this reality-shifting phase of our Ascension HERE

I AM eternally grateful and honored to share this journey with you.

From the Divine field of Love and Unity Consciousness, let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!
In Love, Light and Service,