The Renewal Fund and some more -Nikos Akrivos-

The title of this blog is borrowed from the latest movie ”The Batman-2022” that i just watched and enjoyed very much. If you watch that movie you might find staggering similarities with real life stuff that happened in the political arenas worldwide. Is this a White Hat Movie to bring more truth to the masses? I feel that it is so.

The story describes what happened in a period of 20 years since A Renewal Fund of Billions was about to be released for doing humanitarian work and projects in the city. Corrupt politicians and not only fell like vultures on the fund and used it for any other purpose except from serving The City and We The People.

Now, i am inviting you to go back more or less 20 years in our time and we find ourselves into the 11 September 2001 Tragedy in NYC.
Those of you that are attracted to this website for a while now, know very well about what i am referring too. The release of the prosperity funds of Saint Germain through NESARA was about to happen through the offices in the first 2 floors in one of the buildings that came down. We all know what happened next. This is part of our true history that one day will be taught in schools.

And i have good reasons to believe that the education has already begun through entertainment, once of course we have a certain awareness that is gained through conscious inner work practiced daily. You see, this change we are witnessing is the result of millions and now going to billions deciding to live a more holistic life by choosing to follow inner guidance than the world out there events. Events out there are the result of our inner work in finding alignement with who and what we really are.

IAM LOVE, IAM LIGHT, IAM TRUTH, IAM. The more we repeat this mantra the more it gets integrated in our being and the more we realize this is who we really are and the better we feel. When we feel good we are attuned to who we really are, when we don’t, becoming aware that we are not is the first step and the next step is to take action like meditation for at least 15′, taking a nap, write a gratitude journal and dance in gratitude etc. When we feel good we allow and attract what we really want in our lives, when we don’t feel good we are into a resistance mode. And we have the freedom to choose to feel good any moment and every now wherever we are, whatever we do with who ever we are. This is how free we really are. We have always been and always will be.

And so as our collective of Humanity becomes aware more and more of this truth each and eveyone in their own speed and innerstanding we are gaining more awareness as to what occured, what we don’t want and what we want in our lives, both personally -as we all have our preferences- and collectively. And coming back to The Renewal Fund now, what we don’t want is that any form of corruption puts their dirty hands on it to satisfy their ego ways. What we want is that it benefits all of Humanity in all areas of life to assist each and everyone on their Ascension paths, borrowing here Ascended Master’s Ashtar of The Galactic Federation words as to the use of The NESARA funds.

And so this brings us to co-create together as One Unity Consciousnes our New Earth Realities, pluriel because, the way we will experience our New Earth will be the result of different preferences all guided by Infinite Intelligence coming from The Sun of all Suns, Mother Father God and The Supreme Creator and all company of Heaven assisted through The Archangelic and Angelic kingdoms, Ascended Masters, Mother Earth and The Elemental Kingdom along all Benevolent Galactic families, each and everyone playing their roles serving The Highest Good for all.

How will this look like? Much better that we can imagine. Whatever we imagine: This or something much better will manifest.

How can we contribute to that right now?

By envisioning ourselves doing the things we love and loving the things we do serving The Highest Good for all and by feeling ourselves into this reality more and more as the more we do, the more alignement with Our Truth we have and the better we feel.

So it comes back again into setting the intention to feel good in the now, in appreciation of what is and eagerness of what is coming.

And here is what i would do if i had in my possesion any big or small amount of the prosperity funds following my preferences while realizing IAM a new Being in a New World of Love and Joy in the Now.

1.Act Local, Think Global.

2. A. Fund charities and Free Energy inventions in Greece, expanding in European cities where i lived before, that i know are already doing awesome work in their areas of expertise and are trustable 100%, assist them to expand.

B.Feel More Than Fine Africa : we want every child to be safe and sound in Africa. Project is ready and awaits funding since 4 years.

C. Feel More Than Fine Centers ( Ascension Centers and Retreats) (Blue print to be done in more locations)

D. Eco Sustainable Communities & Organic Foods/Vegan oriented organizations (Blue print to be done in more locations)

E. 100% Healthy Celebrations (Ecstatic Dance) on Tour Worldwide. (This year we celebrate 12 years of doing those events in Europe yayyyy!!!)

F. And since God’s Abundance is unlimited and Where We Go One We Go All I CREATE : Basic Universal Income for every citizen on Earth along Medbeds/Celestial Chambers and Free Energy & Awesome Mobility for all with Respect for Mother Earth and All Life upon her.

Beautiful teams that are enthusiastic and eager to begin and to assist this vision are already shaping, i see it all around me and i am so looking forward to begin.

Thank you for taking the time to read my vision and become a co-creator with me. Now your turn, what is your vision for A planet that works for all? Write a blog about it, make a vlog , what is that you wish to see manifest in our New Earth?

And don’t forget, we always get what we need and we will always eventually get what we want both on a collective and personal level, the journey between getting what we need and what we really want is why we are here and our best option is to feel good more often than not as this is how we allow everything to flow to us, this is how we magnetize it. And alignement with Source feeling the appreciation and worthiness that originates from Source , especially when we share our Love and Light with all others on the planet (example sending love, Violet Flame to Ukraine in this now) brings this feeling back to us 10,000 x. Intention to Be the open door of Love to flow through 24/24 for the highest good for all is what allows to sustain that feeling for bigger period of time.

Feeling more than fine and sustaining that feeling is what this website intends to do through a selection of channeled messages. I do not post all, i just post a few that i feel will assist you in your journey the best.

Much Love

Feel More Than Fine

Donations are welcome

ps. whenever you donate or even buy anything remember to always use the magic formula for abundance from AA Gabriel: All The Money That I Give is Blessed and Comes back to Me 10x.