The observer has the power to affect the observation.

The observer has the power to affect the observation.Many years ago, a group of scientists have proven in a laboratory that this is indeed true.(1)(check ps below this post)What does this mean in practical terms?That each one of us has the power to affect life around us and so each one of us has a different way of seeing and perceiving life.This is the reason that what is true for one person, it is not true for another.Television or/and ’Whistleblowers’ come out and explain things making documentaries and expressing opinions of how they perceive reality and if many agree then this must be true.It is their truth from from what they have experienced and been focusing on and ultimately the only way to agree or not with what they share is about using our internal GPS called Heart to discern:What is true for me?Today for any opinion and view expressed out there is a corresponding link that ‘proves’ its existence.Does this mean that is is really true???What if i tell you that something becomes true because someone has focused enough so it becomes true?What if i tell you that there is no need to fight about being right at any cost?What if i tell you to focus on the good things in life and they will magnify in YOUR now?What if i tell you that when you see some negative news you don’t like to simply send your love and visualize the exactly opposite,creating the new and that when you do that you serve much more and that you are that powerful?And i want to give you a totally different example here:You walk down the street and you notice somebody walking your way who clearly looks unhappy.What do you do?do you ignore them and do nothing?do you send them love silently?do you smile at them?do you say hello at them anyways, knowing fully that 90% chances they will not reply to you?do you visualise them getting happier?what do you do if you are a woman and you see a man passing by?what do you do if you are white and you see a man of color passing by?what do you if you are a man of color and you see a white man passing by?what do you do if you are man and you see a woman passing by?do you judge by outside appearance how they look or do you genuinely send them love anyways?and based on the fact that you know that you can affect positively and each and everyone around you through your light coming out from your eyes and soul what do you do?there is no need to answer to any of these questions in the here and now, my point is that you have the power to bring positive change in your surroundings by just intending to do that and practicing that.If you don’t like where you live, you have the power to change it with your thoughts and intentions.And so it is not where you live actually or the people, it is how you choose to use your Light&Love and where you choose to place your focus first in yourself and then on each and everyone around you.Everybody is Divine, this is the true nature of each and everyone, even if they don’t know it.And when you choose to see them as such, they become so in your reality and so miracles come to you out of the blue.(1)(letting light with laser focus go through one small hole, each one of them has experienced different results as to the position of dispersed photons coming out of the hole and hitting the wall, you can watch this in the ‘’What the bleep do we know’’ documentary).

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