The New Financial System:Clarity Time – Nikos Akrivos

The New Financial system through NESARA/GESARA has nothing to do with what is being called the great reset.The first is Divine, the 2nd is just trying to immitate in order to control more globally. This is the reason there is confusion for many about Basic Universal Income ,thinking that only the 2nd rule of total control applies when in fact this is a process coming forward to benefit all citizens of Earth. Many amongst you called me a communist among other stuff. I am with no political party. I am for the highest good for all. So to resume, this is coming forward now for all to enjoy and work if they desire too. But let’s not forget the reason all this takes place ,:is not just to eradicate hunger and cover basic needs ,it is also for offering enough free time so one can dedicate more time to their spirituality and Ascension process. So no more excuses like :i got to work for a living. This will be covered through BUI.(basic universal income).We have strong reasons to believe it will be 1200€/adult in Europe and 600/under 18 years from the moment they are born.