The Most Valuable Currency of All.

The financial means of each and everyone in our societies , past , present or future have been dominated in their majority by belief systems that do not reflect where abundance and prosperity in all ways truly originate from.So much talks and discussions happen from all kind of gurus and financial specialists that while i am not judging at all, rather have been observing for quite some time now and from my perspective in this now moment i know it is their truth from how they see things taking place based on studies they have done.They speak about financial crisis and they speak about melting down of the financial current system to be replaced by a new one.And indeed i believe in a new financial system where we each and everyone on our lovely planet have access easily with grace and flow to : Free Universal Health Care System Respecting our Ascension process including Non Invasive Technology from the stars , Basis Universal Income ,Free Energy in all uses and Mobility ,Homes of our wildest dreams and Abundance of whole organic foods and clean water that allow each individual to continue their Ascension journey without being preoccupied of having to work for a living rather do the things that makes their heart sing.A new financial system to assist each and everyone on their Ascension journey is something that Ashtar Command has been talking about in one of channeled messages.I have produced a dance track on 432 Hz in 2014 that you may enjoy at the end of this blog named N.E.S.A.R.A. which are the initials of National Economic Security And Reform Act and for which you may find information on DuckDuckGo ,to not name always the one you already know.And sorry for taking us away from our subject, it just feels right to share some valuable information along the way.

And yes while the world and media speak about crisis ,deeply in me I know that there is no crisis and that the only crisis there is as Krishnamurti said it is a crisis of consciousness that is coming to the forefront to be seen with many faces :politics , finances ,science ,religions etc. I come to know deeply in me that indeed the most valuable currency of all is Love and Light .And one of the most powerful invocations i know of is : I Am The Love, I Am The Light. The power of words ,especially as the vibrations continue to rise on our now 5th dimensional Earth or New Earth , in thought form or better spoken out with firm conviction using the emotion of anger transmuted to love to express our self create around our Aura a field that attracts only exactly where our focus remains.And why would i choose to listen to any financial guru or other guru out there when I have in me all i need to create this field and radiate it out wherever i go repeating in the back of my mind :Everything always works out good for me as Abraham Hicks insists in her workshops.And when i say these words combined during my daily activities i create a field of energy where i am rendezvous-ing only with those that are in similar vibrations.Sometimes it is humans ,other times it is trees , animals , flowers , mountains and stars in the sky knowing that wherever i am in my financial means all is being taken care of and i do not need to allow in my system any worries that originate from environments i may find myself online or in real life.

The most valuable currency of all is Love and Light indeed!

And all my thoughts and feelings that come from this knowledge deeply integrated within my being only lead me to have ,be or do anything i desire in my individual life and collectively as more of us deeply know and grasp the value of what i am sharing with you here.In Being The Love and Love that I Am there is no crisis and there is no fear.There is only joy.There is only prosperity and abundance in all ways.There is manifestations and magic of all kinds that i witness for each breath i take.And that creates a field around me where of all the GOod stuff comes to me.I become the magnet of all the things i desire with ease, grace and flow in a state of non resistant desire appreciating and feeling the awesomeness of non resistant thought in every now.And since i occupy my mind writing this blog for more than 68 seconds more of the GOod stuff appears in my life.Universal Law of Attraction applied in real time in this now.

And you reading these words and practicing in your own this 68 seconds exercise create also a powerful field around you attracting all the good things in your life and together many of us doing this work we Co-create a reality that is For The Highest Good For All.That is what Love and Light guides us to do.We don’t know what will happen tomorrow, we know for sure that this GPS system of ours is a 100% secure system that can not be taken down and can not be disturbed by any noise out there.

To Feel More Than Fine is an inside job!