I further integrate my I AM Presence into my Earthly Bodies by doing the Golden Holy Breath exercise.
During this breathing exercise, I slowly breathe in as much air as my lungs will hold. As I inbreathe, I feel the air press down through the trunk of my body into my lungs, my arms and hands, my legs and feet, and up through the top of my head.
I hold the breath as long as I comfortably can and while the breath is in my body I visualize the added Lifeforce, the prana, within the air. It is
pulsating with the Golden Flame of Eternal Peace. As I hold the Golden Breath in my body, it is energizing, healing, transforming, rejuvenating
and transfiguring my physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies.
Now I exhale slowly and deliberately. I feel the breath leaving the tips of my ears and the inside of my scalp first. Then I draw it up from my toes
and through the calves of my legs, through the trunk of my body and back into my lungs and then gently, but steadily, I exhale it outward until
there is not a remaining ounce of air within my body.
I rest for a moment and breathe normally.
Now I repeat the Golden Holy Breath three more time.

IAM cocreating the earth