Hello everyone, i have a simple vision to share with you and it is about knowing the power of feeling good and holding our vibration high.

Included i add the support of all Beings of Light and God Creator Source, it is expressed as the IAM of everyone reading this and the mantra i am sharing is a gift from Archangel Michael sharing with us that whenever we use these words The Higher Selves of all Humanity participate in our vision:

IAM my IAM Presence and IAM ONE with the IAM Presence of every child, woman and man. IAM my IAM Presence and IAM also ONE with Legions of Light throughout Infinity and God Creator Source.

We envision a loving and forgiving planet where every child, woman and man know what alignment to Source means and that whenever one feels good one feels GOD. WE envision a planet where everyONE knows that there is nothing more important in life than to feel good and that one always has the freedom to choose to feel good by going within for at least 15′ each and every day and in this way allowing God Creator Source to flow through with ease, grace and flow. We envision a planet where everyONE is educated from an early age that the highest in the scale of emotions are the ones of Gratitude, Appreciation, Love, Kindness , Compassion and Forgiveness and where children are taught at schools fun ways and games to play with in order to sustain their vibrational frequency high.

I hope you like it,