The current president of the United States of America, his family, and his administration have devoted their lives to serve humanity’s higher good. -The Galactic Federation of Light-

A Message From The Galactic Federation To Humanity  Greetings dear ones, We Are the Galactic Federation.
We are the Star-Alliance working with you from the astral. We work with what you call patriots amongst you on a mission to free planet earth from its occupying entities and their dark agenda.
We are not a political organization. Politics belong to your world. To us, your political systems are quite antiquated and make no sense to the way our communities are built and structured. We have long evolved and taken responsibility for ourselves individually as well as a race.
However, the ascension process on your planet is tied and dependent on an awakening process that cannot occur without your people’s understanding of their politics, the corruption, the lies, manipulation, total mind-control, and all the darkness attached to it.
Therefore, we must continue to speak about politics and governmental behaviors with you in our communications.
We wish to communicate to you the significance of specific individuals on your planet who have allied with us and are on the same mission, and share the same goals. Team light is more sophisticated than many of you think.
Just as there is the Star-Alliance, there’s also the Earth-Alliance. One cannot achieve the necessary results and progress without the other.
We need you to understand that just because you’re learning that your governments are corrupt and that they have used and abused you and the powers you have given them over you, it does not mean that they are all bad. There are good people on your planet in all areas of occupation and institutions.
Just as not all people are bad, not all politicians are evil. There are quite a few who can fully discern between good and evil, which no longer wish to tolerate the corruption that’s been going on for a very long time behind the scenes.
As a race, you are just about to learn the minutest of details about the evil that those corrupt politicians are capable of. Understand that most of them are not human. Neither are they benevolent extraterrestrial races, to say the least.
We mostly transmit information about the US because that’s where the castle is that must fall first. The course of action that will be taken in America will determine the outcome of events in the rest of your world. Everything starts there. Once evil is beaten in the United States of America, all the other countries will follow suit imminently.
The upcoming presidential election of the United States of America marks a milestone in human evolutionary history. The current president of the United States of America, his family, and his administration have devoted their lives to serve humanity’s higher good.
Yet there are those who are trying EVERYTHING to discredit them so they can take over and have full control over humanity. Some of you are scratching on the surface of their dark agenda, but you haven’t even begun to unravel the evil they have planned for planet earth and its inhabitants.
They have tried very hard to push their agenda for decades, but they have been held in check by the light forces. Even though the war between light and dark has been mostly absent from your conscious awareness, ongoing battles are being fought.
You do understand that we, as the Galactic Federation representatives, cannot step in physically to do what needs to be done. We had to ally with those living in physical forms who could accomplish the inevitable tasks for the successful liberation process of Earth.
Those of us who incarnated in physical forms and began to stabilize the light frequency on Earth over the last few decades have made this scenario possible. You have accomplished a tremendous primary task, and we honor you, starseeds, for your powerful contribution against all odds.
2020 is the year of revelation. And while many of you are waiting for the so-called Full Disclosure, we want to inform you that this disclosure on your planet is already happening, and it has begun in March 2020. The truth is coming out every day. There are many who are devoting their time and resources to bring the truth to you in the forms of films, articles, books, podcasts, images, alternative media outlets, etc.
By now, you must have learned that the entertainment industry on your planet includes a vast variety of artists, actors, and athletes who have been pushed and supported to achieve fame and power with only one goal in mind: Complete control through distraction indoctrination. The main target has been the youth.
When we say full disclosure has already begun, we would like to add that this is only obvious to those who have stopped watching TV and following the mainstream media’s broadcasts of mind control. It is only evident to those of you who are putting in the extra effort and who take the extra mile and therefore know that these people are evil and what their hidden agenda is.
Understand that everything on your planet is choice. Knowing truth is choice. Receiving full disclosure is choice. The information is already there. But are you ready for it? Have you made the choice to let go of your very last delusions? Are you ready to let go of your illusions that keep sucking you into the narrative of a broken world which is dying a painful death?
2020 is like a tornado is sweeping over your planet, trying to suck you in.
Slowly the human race is awakening to the fact that there is a hidden war happening in your world. The warmongers are fighting for your consciousness. The territory they are trying to invade is your mind. That is where the seat of the soul is. That is what they’re ultimately trying to get ownership of.
They want to deprive you of oxygen because that is the difference between life and death.
Do you understand what will happen to your children if they keep breathing compromised oxygen through unnecessary masks? The neurological effects and brain cell death is irreversible and further lowers the average human IQ. Your already limited capabilities and mind functions will be drastically reduced in the coming years by merely complying with wearing a mask, which is also a symbol of initiation into the occult.
We have sent you our finest ambassadors and those who respond to a particular blueprint that is triggered by the incoming photon gamma light beams, which allows them to speak on our behalf. Still, when they talk about truth that doesn’t fit into your narrative, then you attack them and want to make them responsible for your choices.
Suddenly you tell them this or that is not what we, The Galactic Federation, stand for or should be saying. Amid the greatest planetary war and vast enslavement of an entire race, we didn’t send our greatest poets, philosophers, intellectuals, or artists. We sent our most incredible, powerful, and bravest warriors to Earth.
When we heard the call for help from planet earth’s inhabitants, we decided it was time to intervene, but we could not merely land and take over. That would have been a violation of your free-will, and that’s a violation of the highest galactic codex.
We knew that our kind had to incarnate as humans who would wake up, hear the call and fight the good fight for the liberation of Earth and its peoples. This was a grand task that could not be accomplished if it wasn’t for the greatest warriors of the universe who had the courage to volunteer and look this fight fiercely in the eye.
You must take on responsibility now. We have placed the information that is light everywhere onto your planet’s darkness. Make a conscious choice. Speak to yourself and say I intend to find the truth, and so it shall be.
There are also those who pretend to speak on our behalf who tell you that everything is already over, the war is won, and that you have already been liberated or are being liberated at this moment. Understand that the future is not yet set in stone.
There’s a multitude of probable outcomes in future timelines for planet earth. In fact, you are determining that future of yours with every breath you take, every thought you think, every feeling you feel, and every choice you make.
Stand up right now, put your hand on your heart, and make a conscious choice. Say, “I want to live in a healthy society. I want my children to be raised on a safe planet, I want to honor Earth, I want to honor the goddess.”
Even if this is your intention all along, speaking these words aloud will help you as a race to anchor this consciousness into your frequency of existence. Take the higher consciousness of unconditional love and ground it onto your planet by speaking it, willing it, demanding it into your reality.
Go out to nature, put your forehead on the ground, and ask mother earth for forgiveness.
Regardless of whether you think that there is or is not something that could require you to ask for forgiveness. This practice is about honoring and acknowledging the divine feminine goddess and anchoring her energy that has been suppressed on your planet for thousands of years and is the primary reason for every issue on Earth back into the forefront of human consciousness.
If everyone on your planet would go out into nature right now to put their heads on the ground and ask mother earth for forgiveness, do you know what would happen? The tyranny would be ended instantaneously. 5D would be fully accessible to everyone everywhere around the globe instantaneously.
Put your egos aside, do the diligent research, help others see the light, ground yourself into mother Gaia, and live in harmony with the Earth. You shall bring about the liberation of Earth for your entire species and many generations to come.
In the future history of planet earth, your generation shall be known as the Rainbow Warriors.
The bravest warriors of heaven who took on the most extraordinary and most challenging task in the history of our universe. You incarnated into the physical realm, and you suffered from amnesia, lived an ordinary human life with all its struggles and traumas but still awoke to your divine purpose, activating your innate blueprint, firing the codes of light, listening to your inner voice of divinity and sovereignty, stepping into the role of a soldier of God’s army to lead your fellow humans to truth and love.
It is your forte to ultimately bust a system of evil and control to bring upon the most significant event in humanity’s history, the great liberation of earth star Gaia.
We salute you, warriors of light. We honor you.
Stay loving, open, and kind to each other. The other side will stop at nothing to divide you.
We are the Galactic Federation. We are here with you. We love you. We are your family of light.

A’Boss Aurora Ray

Ambassador of The Galactic Federation | Commander of the Lyran Fleet