The Best Has Already Come! 💫💖🥳

All those born after 1987 are the ones who will come up with 100% pure ideas and concepts and solutions that none amongst us thought of possible in our lives so far. Those will be implemented as we progress and even if today it does not look like that the younger generations are aware , they are shifting into higher consciousness day by day faster and faster.

I invite you to listen what Patricia has to share about it.

As with everyone else, we must accept their journey and own speed of evolution including mistakes as this is the fastest way for one to learn. And yet also keep this thought in our heart minds because what is about to happen in the next 10 years goes beyong what our minds can conceive right now. Already in 2022, massive change will be witnessed and the more one looks for these signs all around, the more one attracts them and the more one can report and speak about them. Everything right now at all levels has been infiltrated with The Light forces and however negative or positive is appears to be in the end it serves A Planet That Works For All and The Highest Good For All in Peace and Prosperity for All. The best has already come! Feel it in your heart mind as IAM sending you infinite Bliss infusing your being with the qualities of Comprehensive Divine Love, Enthusiasm, Joy, Laughter, Playfulness, Compassion, Cosmic Forgiveness, Transformation, Transmutation, Confidence, Harmony, Balance, Protection, Safety, Security, Divine Will, Infinite Abundance, Victory, Freedom, Discernment and Manifestation of Unity Consciousness through my Heart to Yours for 2022 and beyond.And So It Is.