The Ascension Process

This is a text taken from  The Jesus Book: Messages for the 21st Century by Linda Dillon that i am reading right now and i invite you wholeheartedly to run and buy for even smoother Ascension and pleasure and Enjoyment and Pure Bliss and in receiving confirmation again and again that You are  Love,You are Loved and You are Lovable.

”The Ascension Process I did not come to walk alone. I did not come to be in the desert—only now and then—when I needed to struggle with my own demons and didn’t wish to burden you. We do this together. What do I mean by “this”? I wish to use the word “ascension” because it is a word, and an understanding, that we have talked about before. It is 

the shifting of realities; it is that interdimensional shift with the presence of your physical form. It is the raising up of vibration, which you have already been doing. You have been penetrated by the increased frequencies for the last twenty-five years, but there has been an increase in intensity in the last year. It is in the holding of that vibration of love that you simply get lift-off.”

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