The Art of Turning The Other Cheek.

This pandemic will vanish from the face of the planet much faster than any ‘specialists’ out there speak of.Exactly like chemtrails (you remember maybe?) in the skies that we don’t speak of any longer ,same will happen here.How do i know?it is a question of exponential Quantum Physics that happens with prayer and meditation.Love and Light is stronger than any 3dimensional mind out there can conceive,Love and Light is the mightest strength in the Universe.Nothing will be the same in our societies any longer, nothing will bring us back to what it was.Only better and social distances will remain for a while for the highest good for all.Humanity will come out of stronger and before not too long all will recognize their oneness with the Supreme Creator as individuals and as a collective.It is an inner job to feel more than fine at all times and to always practice the art of turning the other cheek so we can laugh a little longer ,especially when someone is lashing out to others, not being aware that they are actually lashing out to his/herself and only his/herself. You are responsible on how you feel any moment of the day and it is your job to yourself out of self love to remain peaceful , calm and loving no matter what you see or you face or arises.You don’t need to face reality, create one that works for you.No need to react to anyone. Act be creating in your mind before hand what is that you want to see. Do not believe any human out there what they tell you, including me.Take from what they say and follow the inner guidance that makes YOU happy and feel if there is resonance.This how community is created.And when everyone does this work ,we can be sure that we all are going to be on a planet that is loving and forgiving that works for all living creatures in reverence for all life and for the highest good for all.What you feel and think you create.As within so without.Focus on the joy and contemplate your worthiness.Value yourself as much as you deserve it.And Watch the miracle unfolding before your eyes.Only you can do this in your world.And Always ask to be assisted by the beings of Light of the unlimited unconditional love.When you ask for something it is given.Always.Allow this to come to you be receiving more Love and Light.S.TA.R. SURRENDER,TRUST,ALLOW.RECEIVE. You are Sacred.You are Divine.Feel it!Feel it Now.’’Be Silent and Know That IAM GOD.Be Silent and know that IAM.Be Silent and Know.Be Silent.Be.’’ We are in this together changing what no longer serves us any longer from the bottom up!



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