Stretching Time (or Shifting Timelines)

I had very interesting lucid dream last night:In my dream i was an actor or rather a figurine playing in a category B movie where the director was not nice at all and while playing my part i suddenly decided to take a moment, instead of obeying to the director’s orders and in my mind I saw myself having a role where the director is nice to me.And as i practiced this within this now with my eyes closed, taking a moment to not look around me, just going within when i open my eyes, i find myself playing a different role, a more important role now and yet still doing the same scene, seen from a different perspective and where the casting director and all team are much nicer to me.I decide to escape for a moment in this now and pretend that i need to go to the toilet,where i take another moment to close my eyes and see myself being the protagonist of an A movie where i am surrounded by a loving team of co-workers where we are al having fun and equally respecting one another.I come out of the toilet and boom magic! i am now playing the same scene,this time in a totally different decor where everything that i saw myself doing is even better than i imagined in my short toilet time out.I become aware that i can do this countless times, every time stretching time, stretching this now, by taking time to go within.i become aware that time is malleable ,it feels like a solid material going to a liquid state(for example plastic,when temperature rises,it can melt) and i decide to play this game in just a moment in this now, as far as I can.In the next moment, i take a moment while playing my role on stage, to close my eyes, be in the now and with a very big smile , see myself being the director of this movie where i don’t need to follow the orders of anyone(never liked to do so in this Earth Life time and feeling very blessed that every time some body tried to impose their beliefs , i always took the exit door and escaped successfully!!!).And so i become the director of my own movie, living the scene in this now, this same moment:I become aware that i can go back in time and re write the story in my mind and when opening my eyes i am exactly doing what i have taken the time to see in my mind.Now,as a director it is much easier to make decisions and have a say to my wonderful team of co-workers where each and everyone is happy in their chosen activities out of their own free will.While everybody is doing their work , i close my eyes and decide that my role this time will be the silent observer, i open my eyes and boom magic again! I am now seeing the director of the movie, doing a better work that i would have done ,he is not aware of my presence and yet somehow i feel i have total control of the movie.I understand in my dream that I am the creator of all this and that at any time i can close my eyes and re write the scenario,every time with more details, every time taking a distance, every time a more perfect movie where everything flows with ease and grace for all participants.
When i open my eyes, now waking up from my lucid dream, i know deeply within that the movie I have just seen playing over and over again ,is my life or more shall i say the matrix of my life and like Neo, the main actor in the Matrix Movie, i become a master of creation and with detail arrange all scenario and play it again every time with different powers and more control of the outcome by always intending to create and be more loving and surrounded by loving people.
And this i can now share is exactly what takes place in my life, only in real life the now moment feels like it takes much longer to become true.I suppose this is what it means to live in a 3rd dimensional or lower dimensions world (lmagine the time and scenario of being a turtle or a plant or tree).And so we raise our frequency from taking time to go within and as more incoming energies of Love and Light penetrate our being, we rise in our dimensional experiences and we become aware in ‘real’ life that like in my dream that lasted not more than maybe 20 minutes that there is only now and that time can be stretched and it malleable to our wishes and desires.What a beautiful gift and toy we can play with!It is just so WOW!I feel i am ready to sit down again and re write my scenario, even with more details this time and hey if something appears that i don’t like, all i have to do, is close my eyes instantly in this now and see a better outcome and test the heck out of it in my every now!After all I am already living in 5D,i know it and say :I Am 5D and by doing so i am getting access to my new toys to play and have fun with.
I AM 5D,I AM! at your marks, steady, go!(when you feel ready to live your new created dream, just close your eyes, say this mantra 3 times and create your desired outcome, open and see and feel what just took place)

Blessings and Much Love

Feel More Than Fine Always From Within Out