Spiritual Gym

For all of us that are dedicating our lives in fulfilling Mother’s Divine plan,it has been a long road,some of us for 10+ years some for decades or a lifetime and it seems like there are no rewards to rip from it except from all the small changes we  see in our worlds and in our creations – which btw are not a small thing from a multidimensional point of view.

A smile from a stranger, a child talking to us,a dog coming to greet us,a butterfly that comes to sit on our hand,a tree that once we touch we can feel an intense connection,sometimes stronger that with a human being and so much more, are all the small things we can perceive as we become aware of our 5th dimensional realities,while from the other side of the veil we are receiving continuous support from all sisters and brothers of Light,talking to us through multiple channels,through our I Am Presence and to our Higher Selves with words that always say YES to JOY,PEACE,LOVE,FULFILLMENT to follow always what makes us FEEL GOOD.A thought that feels good is the door way.Every Human Being is able to receive and channel a message which is no other than the reward of long hours of having the habit to go within on a daily basis  to listen the sound of silence.To do Spiritual Gym.Cause once one is attentif to the sound of silence,the empty space created allows for beauty to come within.To discover our Divine Feminine (for Men and Women) is to be able to listen  the sound of silence,to be able to listen the sound of silence is to be able to be receptive and to allow Love and Light to fill in our beings charging us with Power from Within which  allows to manifest our desires through our Divine Masculin.Sounds simple and it is actually simpler when one starts practicing.One can only be thankful of the simplicity that is needed in order to harness the power of creating worlds!Mother Father God Thank You!I Love You!And i see you in the eyes of every child,woman and man and sentient being!I see you and i know i know that it is You that looks through my eyes!


Nikos Akrivos