Smoothing Ascension Tricks

Here are few ‘tricks’ i integrate in my every day activities before , after or during my silent meditations.
1.Looking at my thumb and spinning clockwise 3 x 33 times every day.When i stop i the spinning i keep on looking at my thumb till my vision has stabilised completely.
A teaching i learned from the Pleiadian Channeling for raising our vibrations.It takes less than 2 minutes and it is super effective.
Here is a short video where you can also see another movemevent from the mayas, little harder to achieve but also super effective at it helps to create a Mercaba through movement.

2.Walking Barefoot or touching Gaia with my hands for at least 20′ ,even better when it rains.(Same like ionic baths)
3.Doing Few Yoga Salutations to the sun (i do max up to 6)
4.Drinking a lot of water with lemon.
5.Listening to music attuned on 432 Hz and 528 Hz.
6.Sungazing for at least 10′ on sunrises or sunsets.
7.Extatic Dancing.
Put the volume on and dance silently for at least 2 hours with as many people as possible around me.
Chi Gung Warm Up