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”as we begin please sit comfortably in your chair with your arms and legs uncrossed your spine as straight as possible and your hands resting gently in your lap with your palms facing upward breathe in deeply and as you exhale let all of the tension of the day just drop away feel yourself becoming completely relaxed now breathe in deeply again and as you exhale feel your IAM presence taking full dominion of your physical etheric mental and emotional bodies your i am presence is enveloping you in a force field of invincible protection that will prevent anything anything from distracting you or interfering with this sacred moment . The buoyant joy of expectancy and enthusiasm fills your being. Accept and know that your heart flame is the open door for the golden light of God’s Infinite Abundance Now please follow me through this visualization with the full power of your attention and your divine intentions this invocation is stated in the first person so each of us will experience this activity of life tangibly and personally however we are simultaneously invoking this light on behalf of every person on earth in perfect alignment with his or her divine plan and the highest good for all concerned and we begin : IAM my IAM presence and IAM one with the IAM presence of every person on earth as my IAM presence takes full command of my earthly bodies i begin to hear the still small voice within i am flooded with light and my consciousness is is raised up.A reactivation and initiation into multi-dimensional awareness is occurring within me now, i am ascending into the very heart of God and the pre-encoded memories deep within the cellular patterns of my DNA are being activated. These patterns reveal my divine plan my purpose and reason for being. I am experiencing an awakening and i begin to remember my divine heritage.I realize that the flow of my Father Mother God’s infinite abundance is my divine birthright. I step across the threshold into the multi-dimensional reality of the New Earth and here i am empowered with even more rarefied frequencies of my divine potential.Moment to moment, this radiant light is awakening within me previously untapped levels of wisdom and divine enlightenment. My i am presence now lifts me into even higher realms of perfection. In this realm i easily release and let go of attachments and behavior patterns that do not support my highest good. I release all patterns that reflect poverty consciousness and anything less than God’s Infinite Abundance. I-recognize, this is the moment of my new beginning i now realize with a new level of clarity and understanding that i have the ability to create prosperity consciousness for myself and i choose to do so here and now. I deliberately make the heart commitment to transform into light every aspect of my life that is based in poverty consciousness. As this profound truth permeates my being i am flooded with the golden flame of God’s Abundance and i now know i am trustworthy and honest. I am an expression of divine truth, i respond to every situation with true integrity , i am worthy and deserving of God’s Infinite Abundance and the golden flame floods my being. Now necessary changes in my life are tangibly manifesting through divine grace

and love as each aspect of my life that needs

changing surfaces before me i simply love it free and forgive myself for my preconceived transgressions of the laws of abundance. The divine power to sustain these changes

is continually flowing through me and from this moment forth i choose to create a life reflecting my divine birthright of God’s Infinite Abundance Prosperity and the God supply of all good things. I now focus on the sacred essence of my holy breath and i realize that with every in-breath i extend in consciousness through my eternal journey into the very heart of my Father Mother God ,

the source of never ending perfection and with every out breath i magnetize the

full momentum of that divine perfection and radiate these blessings to all life evolving on earth from this higher level of consciousness i now consecrate and dedicate my life force

to be the open door for these sacred gifts of light that will bless me, my loved ones, humanity, the elemental kingdom and Mother Earth . Beloved Father Mother God i ask that you now

make me an instrument of your infinite abundance. Through all levels of consciousness i now release and transmute into light every frequency of vibration and every electron of precious life energy that i have ever mis-qualified with poverty consciousness. On the holy breath i inbreath the violet flame of infinite perfection pulsating within the heart of God and i absorb the most powerful frequency of this sacred fire that i am capable of assimilating. On the out breath i project this violet flame in through and around my earthly bodies and all of the poverty consciousness surfacing and returning to me to be loved free. The violet flame instantly transmutes the negative thoughts words actions feelings beliefs and memories that are blocking the flow of God’s Infinite Abundance. Through the eyes of my i am presence i witness my transfiguration taking place as each electron that reflects any form of poverty consciousness enters the violet flame and is instantly transmuting cause core effect record and memory back into the frequency of God’s Infinite Abundance with the full power of my IAM presence. I now decree with deep feeling and a true inner knowing IAM a Force of the Violet Flame more powerful than anything less than God’s Infinite Abundance IAM a Force of the Violet Flame more powerful than anything less than God’s Infinite Abundance IAM a Force of the Violet Flame more powerful than anything less than God’s Infinite Abundance

I now command through the presence of God pulsating in every person’s heart that this activity of light be maintained eternally self-sustained and increased with every breath i take until every person belonging to or serving the earth at this time is experiencing the wonders of God’s Infinite Abundance and so it is.”

Patricia Cota Robles.

Transcript Nikos Akrivos