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The Route to Personal Power is paved with setting boundaries that reflect your personal needs. – Sharon Stewart

The Eagles: “So often times it happens that we live our life in chains and we never even know we have the key.”

It’s not up to the Alliance, white hats – it’s up to US. WE will change the world. This whole world is created using our minds so change our minds, change the world. When we say “no!” we disallow those energies to continue to create the DS’s agenda. That’s why they need us to be mind controlled, so they can continue to create what they want, because they’re not creators, they’re not on the soul matrix. It’s metaphysical and it filters down to the physical plane – Law of Attraction, Law of Action. If you say no, you attract different energies and then you act upon those energies. There’s too much light coming in right now for the DS to win, you can’t judge what’s going to happen because the Light quotient is different. Even the Schumann Resonance has increased. You can’t predict what will happen now based on what’s happened in the past because the future is of a higher frequency – a different ballgame. Our Now is of a higher frequency.

The Alliance is taking out evil members of the DS and the GFL is dealing with draconians, demonics and reptilians etc. (the NAA – Negative Alien Alliance) in order to level the playing field for us. We can begin to make choices based on our own free will once the mind control and the agenda of the NAA is revealed to us and we have done the work to take our minds back. COBRA reported recently that the Chimera group was infiltrated by the GFL which leads me to believe they’ve infiltrated all these other groups as well and have caused them a lot of grief. Both sides use infiltration in order to gain their ends.

Right now you can argue that what’s being revealed to us is a no-brainer for many, not for all apparently. The problem is that people are still mind controlled. The higher energies help those whose DNA respond to them to overcome mind control; for others it’s still not happening. Perhaps later. Maybe not. It depends what they’ve contracted to do for this lifetime. Some people will not wake up in this lifetime. Yes, I know. I have a whole earth family who are vee’d. I feel your pain.

We have to turn around all of their campaigns to weaken us and to maintain control. Ways to do this will be revealed through the truth movement. That’s one reason they’re trying to censor us illegally.

New York has a public service announcement going about surviving a nuclear attack. They’re setting up Russia as the bad guys. They’re going to set off something to confirm this agenda but it will be them, not Russia, who makes the move to scare you. Maybe the FBI will catch “Russian agents transporting dirty bomb material out of the country,” or something like that. Just watch. Some pundits are fearing they’re release a nuclear bomb. I’ll be asking Ivo about that.

Archangel Michael’s meditations help us to keep this draining the swamp process more peaceful. Yes, there’s war in the Ukraine but we’ve been seeing some stellar responses from other countries who won’t side with the UN and who have joined the BRIC(K)S group which is a gold backed currency. Your dollar is high because that’s the only funding the DS has left as countries of this world turn against them. I love it!

If you need to find ways to save money against your rising dollar, perhaps you might be interested in my book called, “How to Stretch Your Dollar Further,” which is on at Smashwords this month for free. Thought you might appreciate a break and do some free reading. If you want to do some more free reading, I have two websites with piles of information for free on just about any galactic/starseed subject going.

Russia isn’t trying to scare you – it’s trying to rid the world of the Deep State. Putin would be playing the “rescuer” role on the triangle right now. The Deep State is blaming Russians and Christian American’s right now, as well as Trump. Those are their scapegoats. And folks, I keep telling you there are two types of people: Power over others who play the blame game, and power over self people who take responsibility for their own behavior. Power over others people are manipulative and controlling while blaming everyone else for everything they cause. They are low vibrational beings who never once point their fingers back at themselves in anything they do.

The DS is trying to appear to be your rescuer while in actuality they are in the perpetrator position on the triangle. This is why they have a constant propaganda of lies focused around the people they’re scapegoating as the villains like Trump – because they have to make someone else look like the perpetrator while in fact, they are themselves. Your government is on the victim triangle, positioning themselves as your rescuers when in fact they’re on the triangle alright – but they’re in the perpetrator position. It’s not for nothing I’ve written a book on how to get off the triangle and stop playing the game – that book was written in anticipation of this big show down with the DS!! Your life experience is micro of the macro of the entire global experience. Whatever lessons you learn in your daily life can be applied to understand the DS. This book is also free this month on Smashwords.

Those who are understanding Bye Bye Biden’s every move are NO LONGER VICTIMS, they can understand the DS because they either overcame or never had a victim mentality. Perhaps they have been a perpetrator all their life and can understand someone who thinks like they do, or they are just assertive people with good boundaries. This is why I told you all of this stuff all these years and people said, “You have a problem with certain types of people, don’t you?” Yes, and you’re wearing a mask, watch CNN and got vaxxed, didn’t you? I DIDN’T!! WHY NOT?! Because I don’t have a victim mentality anymore. Compliant people don’t! They still think like victims. They’re in the DS’s desired position on the victim triangle. If you think the only reason I’ve been telling you of my progress in this fight to reclaim my power is “because I don’t like certain types of people,” then you’ve entirely missed the boat.

I tried to tell you and hopefully I woke you up to understand how they play the game that keeps you in a victim role. It’s all about trying to manipulate you into believing their lies, same thing the perpetrators in your life have. Like lying abusive parents, lying ex’s who just were in it for the sex or the money but who said they weren’t, like friends who’ve lied to you to get you to pay for their nights out but tried to convince you they had your back. Fakes, phonies! It’s the same thing. I LEARNED ABOUT THE DEEP STATE BY WATCHING MY PARENTS. They taught me about lying and manipulation and that authority can’t always be trusted.

COBRA just did another interview on the Event and even though that’s not really my specialty – I was put here to help starseeds to wake up – that was my primary reason for channeling – I found what he said interesting. I like COBRA’s work but some of what he said doesn’t seem to agree with what I’ve been told. We all have questions and there’s a lot of confusion about this.

COBRA’s take on the Event is the “Noah’s Ark scenario” where people will be space lifted to another planet to live. So that indicates he feels that something will happen to earth that it will not be inhabitable. Let’s face it, a strong blast of solar energy might just wipe out some of earth’s magnetic fields, which are faltering anyway, and this will definitely create a crash of our electrical systems. All will go down. His take on the Event is definitely more catastrophic than what I’ve seen. I’ve seen more of a reset back to nature and people living simply as the Lemurians did.

COBRA answers the question as to why the GFL doesn’t intervene on the surface (but take note they’ve been underground with me, and some are here disguised on the surface as Alliance members. Obviously they’re trying not to be caught and have the ability to do so. (See my page Visitors the Liberation of Earth)

Q. About the recent years’ MASSIVE spread fires all over the world: why is that the Galactic Confederation is unable to put out those massive fires by advanced tech?

A. OK, there are 2 factors here:

-first, the Galactic Confederation does not intervene on the surface of the planet directly, because that would trigger toplet bombs which would be much worse

-second, part of the answer is, there is a lot of the primary anomaly near, next to the surface and the Galactic Confederation does not yet completely handle that much anomaly with their technology

In the same vein, I want to mention a lie told by someone many follow that the Pleiadians were firing at our power lines. They weren’t, and it’s for this reason above. You need to stop following that guy. Some of you know who I’m talking about.

The Alliance, on the other hand, have different powers than the GFL.

Ivo: He’s correct, my love. This is why we don’t directly intervene. That and the fact that we would sustain injury being shot at by your people who believe that all life external to this world is hostile. No, the hostility is in your own mind and projected outwards. There are low dimensional species of life in the galaxy and some have come to roost upon planet earth, however at the time of the Event where many people rise to fifth dimensional vibration, they will not be involved with many of these species any longer.

Me: Not all of them?

Ivo: There are still negative species in 5D. However only a fraction as many as there are in the lower dimensions.

Me: COBRA states that at the time of the Event there will be a mass evacuation. This is your “Noah’s Ark” scenario with the ark being a spaceship. Presumably COBRA is anticipating that the earth will be unable to sustain life or at least life as we know it. That wasn’t my interpretation of the Event.

Ivo: This is one option, my love. Staying on earth will be possible in the timeline you’re now on. Why? Because, yes, the Event will cause damage but the damage will be repaired and life will go on. What will change with the enormous blast of Light energy is that all demonics will be removed from the planet, all of the negative aliens currently living on earth will die. Why? Because they cannot stand Light of that intensity. Humans, however, can. Some will be warned and go underground in order to survive the Event as they will choose to stay on this planet. The DUMBs are now being prepared for this.

Others will choose to be space lifted to another planet in the Pleiades and continue there – as new Pleiadians.

Me: What about the rapture happening at the time of the Event?

Ivo: Yes, it can happen but these people must be free of their desire for belongings.

Me: Why?

Ivo: Because they will be left behind.

Me: So they’re just going to find themselves on a green patch of 5D earth with no belongings and no way to help themselves?!

Ivo: There are already settlements in 5D and ours will be one of them. They can come to us. We will go out and search for them at this time.

Me: So there are many options. Some people will just die before all of this happens.

By the way, COBRA estimates the Event will happen around 2025, so three more years.

More from COBRA:

Q. Regarding the animals: Where will they be evacuated and REHOMED?

A. First, they will be evacuated on the ships, many of them will be transported to the planet in the Pleiades star system where humanity will live and some of them will go to other planets where they will be able to have a pure, pristine natural environment.

Q. Post EVENT, will some of them be returned to the NEW EARTH?

A. Very few select ones, yes…most of them no but some of them yes. (Yes, Ivo did mention this, that only some species of animals will go to 5D. That’s because the animals we know now are either of third or fourth dimensional souls groups. They’re just “not made” for the higher dimensions.)

Q. Will we be able to take our pets with us during the EVACUATION and further WHEREVER else we’d chose to go after the Earth goes through the EVENT?

A. OK, basically each individual human being will need to make their own choice about the evacuation and the pets will be evacuated on their own accord and if there is a higher purpose then they will be reconnected, the current approach that is on the surface of the planet will be changed because most of the animals will choose to live in natural environments. The emotional bond that was created between the animals and humans will remain but most aspects of that connection will be gone.

So he’s saying that your pet will decide whether to continue the relationship with you if there is a higher purpose. Merlin is coming with me because there is a higher purpose to our relationship. But many of the animals we currently have will want to go back to a natural environment. But all animals will be considered, no one will be left behind.

Q. How long post liberation will we still use money for?

A. OK, at the moment of the EVENT there will be a reset of the financial system, then the financial system will be slowly phased out, then completely gone at the moment of the POLAR SHIFT and the FINAL EVACUATION.

Me: I see money being switched over before that time, it’s already happening now. He says money will be phased out and gone at the moment of the Polar Shift. I assume the polar shift will happen in 3D/4D, not 5D.

So it looks like what COBRA is saying is the Event is what the Alliance is waiting for, not the return of Mr T to office. Yes, it’s confusing.

Ivo: We are waiting for the Event, my love. It has been predicted to have occurred many times already now, since 2012 and for the last ten years. But it’s been slow in coming because earth has to be prepared for The Event, the bible calling it the Rapture. The DS is well aware of this phenomenon and working to secure the minds of the people to keep their timeline alive. They require human energy to be able to stabilize the timeline so they can continue to live.

But they will not be able to survive the Event. They will all die.

You understand the necessity of changing over the financial system to a new system, of course.

Me: Yes.

Ivo: Then you understand that this encompasses the disempowerment of the DS and the Event will simply be the kill shot if you will. Everyone desires trials and such, but it is the Event which will determine whether the evil one lives or dies and this is God’s decision.

Me: So when he says that money will be phased out at the time of the final evacuation, if this evacuation removes all people from the planet then it’s an oxy moron – there won’t be a financial system because there won’t be any people on the planet. So I assume he means people will be left on the planet, which is what Ivo’s talking about. And they’ll return to a more simple way of life in the 3D/4D and in 5D we move on to new technologies and more spirituality.

Ivo: This is correct, my love.

Me: I know this will raise a lot of questions. If you have questions go to our Rumble account and follow us there, and ask your question in the comments. There are no trolls on Rumble so I do read the comments.

Now what about this polar shift? Yes, I’d heard of it. Earth tends to tilt on its axis. I should think after being blasted by solar energy that earth would tilt a bit more. And this would create new landmasses but volcano’s would erupt and I think he says earth would go into another ice age. It sounds catastrophic but man has survived it before and this time they’ll have help if they want to stay and live through it of course.

Ivo: Of course.

Another question:

Q. Approximately how long post liberation will ALL Earth humans have new, young, healed bodies?

A. Most humanity will be evacuated and after being evacuated they will go through a certain alignment and healing process on the Motherships and then they will have youth, healed bodies. Most humans will have quite dramatic healing before the EVENT but I would say the final transformation will happen on the Motherships.

Me: I’m also understanding that, oh I get it, yeah that makes sense… I’m the guinea pig here again. I get to go up on the mothership hopefully this year. Ivo has indicated he wants to age regress me in a med bed or something of the sort so I’m 30 years old again. That way he can alleviate all my health problems as well as giving me another 30 years to complete my mission on earth, only it’ll be 5D earth now. So that’s what I’m to do: Be one of the first to undergo this process COBRA is talking about and then move on to 5D when I leave the ship.

By the way, not all of you will be undergoing this process. Some of you will just go home at the time of the Event. Job finished. It depends on what you’ve contracted to do for earth’s liberation. Others will go to 5D, others may stay on the lower timelines and help there perhaps through successive lifetimes.

Yes, they started the question with this: Due to the many delays for Liberation…. and there have been many delays as I understand it, and many of them have been in preparing the earthling minds.

Ivo: This is the case, my love. Some of you stubbornly hold onto lower timeline thoughts and beliefs as your security blanket, when in fact they are your poison.

Me: The bird feathers its own cage, doesn’t it?

Ivo: Yes, we thought perhaps you would take to these new ideas more readily but many of you fight them.

Me: We still have reptilian DNA and we hold onto this old stuff because it suits that aspect of ourselves. Plus there’s a lot of mind control going on, a lot.

Ivo: Yes. I believe that society would have more readily accepted many of the “new age” ideas we propose to people during the 60’s when the hippies were impacting the world. It was a gap we made in your timeline with our energy and there were many at that time who did ascend and leave 3D earth. It was possible for some even at that time, but not for the masses because they believed life was good then and they held on to their position. You tend to defend your own captivity.

Me: It was planned that way, though.

Ivo: It was. However we believe we have it now. Many people born now are of a different mindset, not all but many. And they are seeking a better life because of the degradation of society the DS has created.

Me: Yes, ridding the world of the middle class.

I like COBRA’s answer here:

Q. Due to the many delays for Liberation, will there be some sufficient time between liberation and EVENT for unawakened humans to process all the shocking new reality and suppressed disclosures?

A. There might be or there might not be but the time is running out so people will be exposed to quite accelerated process which might be quite overwhelming for many beings because most of humanity has chosen to neglect and deny so much. But we cannot wait for the masses anymore, the transformation needs to happen…it will be a bit shocking for many but there is no way around it anymore.

Me: I know they tried to avoid shocking people. Ashtar had spoken of that. But like COBRA says they can’t avoid it now. People will be shocked out of their complacency. They need to be.

Another question:

Q. About humans’ current soul mates partners…will they split after event to reunite with their respective twin flames?

A. OK, here, each individual being will make their own choices, so some of most awakened beings will reconnect with their twin souls, some of them will still keep their connection with their soul mates and some of them no, so it will be very individual.

Me: I know where I’m going. No partner on earth to worry about and I’ve minimized my relationship to just about everybody. No strings attached, I’m outta here! Woo hoo!

I think you all have to understand that you have a choice here. So I know some of you aren’t understanding this and you’re starting to panic. I’m going to tell you: STOP PANICKING. There’s nothing to worry about. You will be taken care of. It’ll all be sorted out. As the time draws near you’ll be told what to do next. For now, you’re still in a holding pattern and it’s life on earth you have to deal with – making sure you have enough food and money for instance.

Another question:

Q. Will there still be another planet similar to EARTH conditions where there will be suffering, wars, etc?


Me: Like we’ve said, this is evil’s last stand. He confirms this here. There will still be negativity in the galaxy as there always is in the dualistic dimensions, however I believe they’ll be on more limited planets. Earth is a free will zone, the last place you want to put negative beings on because they had carte blanche to do anything they wanted. All planets have to be created in such a way to maximize the ascension experience and earth was taken off that and put in such a low negative state that ascension was made impossible for many. We’re ending that now.

Q. What dimension will the NEW EARTH be in, right after the SOLAR FLASH (EVENT)?

A. The vibrational frequency will be aligned to the 5th and higher dimensions

Q. Has the EARTH experience been able to show Cosmos at large that things are in need to be managed in a very different way from now on, than it was until now?

A. Yes, definitely, actually this was and still is a big lesson for all of the Universe

Me: Yes, they goofed. They misunderstood the evil. Hard to do that when you’ve never been evil and have ascended through the positive polarity only. Starseeds now can offer help to the GFL and the councils through their current life experience. We’ve lived it.

Ivo, What about nuclear bombing of New York?

Ivo: We’re preparing for this, my love. It will be close but it will not happen.

Me: Poor Americans. The shit they have to go through. Man!

Ivo: The people of earth have had many challenges and they have had many opportunities to set their hearts straight on their feelings regarding many topics such as nuclear war, even. This has been a reset of your minds for some, and for others a confirmation of your beliefs. You are entering a new age where for once you have a choice again, you have control again and all will be righted for you by the Galactic Confederation who oversee this galaxy.

Your rights will be given to you again and you will learn how to live with them and to respect the rights of others.

Me: That’ll be nice to see.

Ivo: You currently live on a world where boundary violation is normal. Selfishness is normal. No consideration of others is normal. Insistence on getting one’s way is normal. You will have to unlearn all of this and begin to learn to be human again because these are reptilian ways of life, negative reptilian ways of life.

COBRA’s whole interview is here. He’s always talking about the Event and following him might be of interest to you. Don’t worry that his name is a type of snake. It’s a short form for “Compression Breakthrough.”

July 11th, a new interview.

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