Real Eyes Realize Real Lies

When finished studying French i was asked to write a small essaie so i can express myself so jury may approve my level of vocabulary in order to enter Univercity…i started speaking about One man standing in front of the tanks in china…little did i know then that what i was speaking was going deeper to the games that ca.bal was playing via CCP to control….since then i ‘ve learned that behind every war it was never a nation but the ca.bal using people in every country who chose to sell their souls for money instead of following what gives them true joy, many thought that just having money is the definition of success…not here to judge anyone, just i remember speaking about Free Energy, Ascension , Galactics , UFOs , Self Healing , Resource based Communities etc and people not understanding looking at me like i cone from another planet and indeed i do just as you do too …till i figured ,i am not here to be understood , i am here to understand others holding firmly my place just like this man in front of the illusion namely here the tanks or co.vid or whatever other ways they might try, that always feels good as feeling good is being closer to God and #feelmorethanfine even closer lol. SO MY FRIENDS remember this man when more intense lies hit your screens, hold your position within and do not let illusion scare the S$%t out of you even though i know already many will need tones of toilet paper