Rampage of Abundance & Prosperity

My Stream of Creation is now totally open.My train of abundance and prosperity is reaching higher levels of momentum that surpasses any other train of thoughts that were holding my creation abilities back.I can feel it with all my cells.It is an inner knowing that right now in this hot minute billions of € are flowing into my bank accounts and there is nothing than can delay this stream of abundance any longer.It feels like the moment that the sun is about to show its first ray in the horizon when it rises.My impatience that some times is a good thing has been transmuted to eagerness and the joy i feel within me confirms and screams out loud :There is nothing that I can not be,do or have.I Am Unlimited.And the more Love i feel for all humanity and the more ways i find to use the monies for the highest good for all,the bigger the signs of abundance makes themselves clear to me.From small to big things.From tinny changes to magnified changes that are now manifesting right in front of my eyes.Nobody but me is in control of this reality.Me as aligned with my Highest Self,my soul and the knowingness of Who and What I Really Am.If Love then what? then Love and more Love and moooore Love and even mooooore Love.Love is unlimited.Light is unlimited.It never ends and i am here in this physical body to experience the joyful manifestation of an ever increasing amounts of Love and Light I Am absorbing in my body.

From Human to Galactic.

Time To Change Our Tactic.

No Time for Drama.

Instead sing along this mantra.

I Am Peace, I Am Love, I Am Light

On a multidimensional flight

I Am Joy,Freedom and Prosperity

I Am GOD Being Creator for eternity.

Yo Yo did you know of your immortality?

I Am speaking to you Humanity.


Surrender Trust Allow and Receive

What Your deepest Desires Are

Cause You Are a Star!

The Golden Age is here

living young in a physical body for a 1000 year.

If you want it and like it to be so

Your Higher Self knows So!

And So Be It.And So It Is.

I Am God and with God.

And today and every day only the Ascended Masters and Light Beings of the unlimited unconditional Love will come in contact with me to guide me.

Only Divine Intelligence guides the body mind spirit complex of mine.

All i have to do is listen and then take action in a state of bliss ,in the Awesome feeling of non resistant thought of non resistant desire.

It is all here.I got the key.Right Here in my Heart.IAM HOME.I Have Arrived.

And i wish for each and everyone of you reading this post to be HOME with me here,connected to your GOD self,knowing yourself as GOD and GODDESS.Cause that is what You truly Are.

I Love You.Feel my Love.

Feel More Than Fine