Rain,Sleeping Rough,Lucid Dreaming and Light Cities.

Everything happens for a reason.2 nights ago we had strong rain in the area where i am currently living (Greece,Ioannina).And the funny part of the story is that since now almost a month because i really like to sleep outdoors,i have arranged a camping setup in my balcony using my legendary small tent that is almost falling apart as shelter from humidity.And so the tent and bed got wet so i had to sleep inside that night in my normal bed but i couldn’t sleep because the energies were very strong and it was also hot.And so i took 2 yoga mats i have arranged a very elementary ‘japanese’ style bed that tend to be hard to sleep on…and so i couldn’t really sleep either for too long…and then opening my eyes on the side ,i look on the full of starts night sky and i see a big bright light moving from south to north and instantly i know it is galactic ship.The ship stayed visible for at least 2 minutes and while i keep sending them love i am also asking for confirmation and boom a flash comes from another point in the sky confirming to me:WE ARE HERE!and this is not the first time it happens.It happened also many times over while in Ibiza while i was doing my best to speaking with Ashtar…And so there is something in my guts telling that one of these ships is my own.And wait this doesn’t stop here,when i fall asleep i start lucid dreaming and because my sleeps are being interrupted from not feeling comfortable in my usual bed i really remember it:It is so vidid and real and during my dream i see that i am flying over a very luminous Golden Light city..there are lights everywhere,the view is so amazing that truly words can’t describe:is this one of The Light Cities IAM ambassador of?because IAM of 3 ,one over Athens,one over Ioannina and one over Ibiza.And usually the first answer that pops in mind is the right one.And i am not going to hide from you that is that while lucid dreaming i had also lately the most amazing sex ever,one even was with 2 female partners.These dreams are so vidid and real that I have deep knowingness that they are not dreams,they are really REAL and the way i feel about them shows also what is my inclination towards each theme.Universe bring it on baby!!!All of it!Thank you,thank you,thank you!