Queen An-Ra via Erena Velazquez | June 16, 2021

June 16, 2021


I am Queen An-Ra, from the Grand Council of New Earth Council, which was formed last year. I removed the council members in our realty and in your reality from Alliance, who were working on behalf of the Negative Entities trying to jeopardize the progress with Disclosure and Ascension.

The truth that was hidden for a long time is starting to surface to the general population. The Darkness as usual tries to manipulate with your Media the humankind and some Light community by hiding information about the secret tunnels built globally under cities in every country.

They have been changing your reality daily with their hidden agenda and portraying themselves as elite beings, who are in charge of your planet. These entities brainwashed everyone for a very long time, so well that no one ever questioned or doubted that you were living in a false world.

Each day, I see that more and more of you are realizing the truth by seeing, what is going on around you. The Illuminati, Anunaki, Reptilians, Orions and others have been playing Gods thinking that it’s okay to torture and sacrifice kids, allowed for the Secret Space Program to be hidden from the humanity by saying that there are no other life in this Milky Galaxy or Universe, and they deprived you from prosperity and health.

These corrupted souls conducted themselves by violating Universal Laws and Codes left and right. They felt being untouchable and superior, and forgot one very important fact that no one can abuse others without eventual consequences. We all have a free will, and it’s not permitted to violate and force on someone their rules, which are not in compliance with basic right to live freely in the truth.

The Darkness never allowed for the human beings to flourish by being nurtured and happy. They are going to pay dearly for their crimes. Some of them already paid by being captured and put in jail. I personally removed many members from the council and Alliance, who were trying to slowdown and disrupt our progress in assisting Mother Earth during the transition to the Golden Age.

My daughter is going to take my responsibilities of leading the Egyptian Civilization, this is why Anubis built a new fleet, as it will be needed in the near future for different upcoming missions. On Earth she will proceed as the ambassador and overlook globally the construction of Light Centers. These centers are gong to play a key role in the intergalactic communication and interaction between humans and civilizations from the Cosmos. Also, they will provide healing technologies for the Earth inhabitants.

Our plan is only to assist your world, the majority of the load of work will fall on your shoulders. You are going to learn and understand, what it means to build the civilization from scratch and make it prosper and shine with Light and Love. Many of us are going to help and teach you, on how to become an independent and a free society without being controlled and manipulated by the controllers.

The Light always wins against the Darkness. Just trust and have faith that happy times are ahead for all of you. I am Queen An-Ra, and I am going to leave you in Peace and Light.

It was my pleasure to communicate with everyone today, and I am looking forward for more transmissions through this Universal Channel. Thank you.

Create Your Future in the Now.
Queen An-Ra

Channeled by Erena Velazquez