Quantum Cells System

In Music Production and mainly Electronic which is one of my big passions in life, if we want to create New Sounds that we hear within, there is a way to do it and it happens with disconnecting certain cables and connecting others or new ones to more filters and effects and frequency modifications that manifest our emotional state into sound.So,in this same analogy, trillions of cells in our body, depending on the images and feelings and thoughts we hold,defining a specific frequency in time space reality begin to form or need to be flashed away disconnecting with one another or making new connections beginning in our heart and brain and nervous system.Our DNA contains telomeres that act as Antennas transmitting information from the quantum field(the void=Father God) and according to our choice to believe in magic or note a certain reality manifests as we reach momentum in our frequency.The more we Trust in magic and have faith, asking for the assistance in gratitude to our Higher Self,Mother God and Angels,Archangels,Ascended Masters and Company of Heaven the more chances to vibrate on a frequency that is for our Highest Good and therefor The Highest Good for All.Joy in every now moment and being easy on our self while these reconnections are happening that may take from few hours to few days depending on our individual Ascension Waves ‘Surfing’ Abilities,which is personal and can not be compared with any other, is the best way to surrender and allow the energies of Love do the work for us.So to come back with this analogy with music, we don’t even need to move the cables for creating our music within, we just are in the know that our body and cells know exactly what they have to do.Chilling and Relaxing,Breathing and Smiling,eating light high vibrational foods and creating the script of our new life,walking in nature, dancing and singing work like magic when combined together.Enjoy You,Celebrate You,Know That All Is Well and Everything Always Works Out Good For You!

Feel More Than Fine Always!