Q&A on FB.Just my perspective in the now.

Here is a little discussion that Ljiljana opened on FB this morning,i feel is good to share with you all here:

LjiljanaFor a moment please lets turn our attention from NLOs, Light bodies, Ascension, Unicorns, Dragons, Fairies, Inner Earth, Orbs, Merkaba,😉etc. and recall that we are first of all in a human body dealing with some much more “practical” and urgent issues!

Don’t have to name them now, you all know what is challenging for you, but here is one example!
A friend mention the other day a sexual tension he’s been having for awhile.
Not asking for a deeper reason, I’ve started to wonder as well..
We have all certainly experienced it at some point in our lives, caused by different reasons,
but yes, such topics are really crucial and Timely to talk about!


Ljiljana Stojsic Brother  Nikos Akrivosany idea please if you’re willing and inspired to share 😊
I’ve been wondering too how Shamanic ways would add a natural approach to this imbalance
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Nikos Akrivos  Hi Ljiljana ok i will give my best shot once again of what i resonate with and in my present space time state of awareness.Again i wish that all sisters and brothers find be their own captain within through Self Love connected to their Higher Self.I am just another part of you and you are just another part of me,you are my relfexion,i am your reflexion and there is no separation.And i will do that more in form of questions so that anyone can follow and if the answer is yes then can continue further down this rabbit hole:1.Do you accept that you are unlimited love & light being spirit having an earthy experience in a costume called human body? 2.Do you accept that your body is the best technology out there?meaning that body is born perfect and has all tools to heal anything? 3.Do you accept that You are God with a big G? 4.Do you accept that you consciously came on Earth incarnating in your body and chose to be here for the purpose of joy & satisfaction?5.Do you accept that when one is aligned with Higher Self =IAM Presence =GOD connection this is when Truth flows in through Love & Light guiding intuition and choices to make by being able to listen the beauty of silence?6.If all answers so far are yes,doesn’t this all mean that you are indeed the creator of your reality and every second that manifests in your life is being created it in the now by your thoughts and feelings and mental pictures you hold in consciousness?7.Are you willing to take responsability of your being and be a deliberate creator of your life no matter what you see around you by focusing in what brings you joy and satisfaction?8.If the answer is yes to this 2 then begin creating by always including the Highest Good for all being God walking in a costume called human body.There is nothing You can not be,do or have.You are God.IAM God.We Are God.And out of free will choosing Divine Will.9.Doesn’t this all mean that You Are The Architect of Your Matrix and in that sense you can create what you wish and there is no need for gurus or intermediaries of any kind (priests,brainwashing media or books filled with lies or any other human being including your close family) telling you what is right or wrong and how to live your life and instead always connecting to the inner voice of your God within?.Even if you don’t know the answers to all these questions,The only advice i can give at this stage is this:Always ask for support from Your Higher Self,Your I Am presence,Angels,Archangels or Ascended Masters and Mother Father God to be The Highest version of what you can be do or have and support will show up your way and fill you with joy to guide you in the path you chose to go through in order to serve Divine Mother’s Plan.And you still have free will to live your life as you wish,a lot of sex or abstinence,heterosexual,gay or bisexual,there is no judgment,God loves all and judges no-one and when you know you are God you know you do exactly same.All are God,all are divine and all are expressions of Love.:)

Ljiljana StojsicNikos Akrivoswow all I can add to this is
You nailed it 😁😇🙏🌹👌☀️🎉💯🌞🌍🌏🌎👍🤗
Great point brother divine!
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Ljiljana Stojsic

Ljiljana Stojsic“Suffering is a byproduct of resistance. Resistance to situations of life bring forth suffering in mind. Acceptance of situations delivers freedom”. 
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Nikos AkrivosAll sicknesses are created by resistance.We are electromagnetic beings.we are vibration.If resistance appears it is a clear sign to go within and release resistance by listing to God within.1ManageLike· Reply· 6m

Ljiljana Stojsic

Ljiljana StojsicNikos Akrivosabsolutely true 🙏👌ManageLike· Reply· 5m

Ljiljana Stojsic

Ljiljana StojsicNikos AkrivosI’ll be free now to share these beautiful insights with others too,
Might be very useful for many,
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Nikos Akrivos

Nikos Akrivosand Ljiljanaabout shamanic ways of doing things,i must say i did once san pedro and i know many out there do ayahuasca etc.my knowledge in this is that any substance that comes out of the body is just that ,one experience to go through if ones chooses for their own healing purposes and fun times.To my sense there is nothing more pure than the purity of Love and Light ,then comes fresh air and pure Water then come organic fruits and vegetables.There are beings existing in bodies that need no food,no air to live just love and light.We are evolving from carbon based to crystalline base bodies.it is a slow process within 3dimensional concept,not in 5d and higher and we can choose to be already there in the now.There is only Now. Thank you for this Q&A opportunity.Posting on my website as well :)Much Love!

and again this is my very humble perspective in the now.Just one person among 7.5 billion. 🙂1ManageLike· Reply· 27m

Ljiljana Stojsic

Ljiljana StojsicNikos Akrivosbeautiful again 👌👍😁
Fully resonate..
.. I couldn’t agree more.. Our beings are becoming very subtle and I after I’ve certainly wanted to experiment with Aya Journeys too..
Have had some interesting and heart mind expanding experiences.. But as well all that has been as it seems “too harsh” for my ever very etheric and subtle system, so the divine needed to assure me that my path is much more hmm how to say.. Well maybe “effortless” 😇😘😉..
I’ve needed to faint out and literally go beyond the Veil to be returned Reborn and even more grateful for the Choice my precious soul made…
Giving Abundant Thanks to All My Relations and this Beautiful Generous Magical Planet We are hugely Blessed to Call Our Heart Home Now in these Most Amazing and Inspiring Times 🌎🌏🌍❤️🌹🎉

Ljiljana Stojsic

Ljiljana Stojsicwow isn’t that just awesome?! I just adore that variety of Choices.. 😁😇🌞
Gosh We are truly Blessed!


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