Practice to Feel More Than Fine Always in The Now.

Please take what resonates with you and leave the rest.

I Am the empty vessel in which more Love and Light fills my being.To be the empty vessel,i integrate meditation in my daily activities each and every day,always connecting with Mother Earth and The Supreme Creator of all Life,always asking for assistance from the company of Heaven that includes all Light Beings that are of the Unlimited Unconditional Love of Mother Father God and nothing else is allowed to penetrate my auric field.

My job is to stay grounded with Mother Earth,to receive the incoming energies of Love and Light and Be and share and expand my Christ Consciousness for the Highest Good for all Life.My job is that everytime i face a problem to feel the solution and attract the solution.My job is to ACT from a centered,neutral place within and not REACT to anything that comes against me.Always be at peace.Always be in Love.Always Be the Love.

I choose to flow in Life with ease and grace always centered in my Christ Consciousness and to be Loving no matter what arises.

I choose to feel more than fine always as i know that reality is being created by vibration.One person connected to source is more powerful than a million who is not.The Intention is the plan.Frequency is the plan executing itself.Feeling good is an indicator that i am aligned to source and when i feel good my frequency supports my Highest Good and The Highest Good for all Life.True Joy comes from within.True Joy comes from Service for the Highest Good for all Life and When i feel good,I Am in service for all Life as Vibration creates Life.

This feeling may variate at times,depending on the amount of Light reaching the planet and depending how much one allows Light to be received:I choose to be in a gratitude,receptivity,inner peace and harmony at all times.I remind myself and i practice,practice,practice always aware of how does it feel.If pain arises,i remain and relaxed and easy about it as this is a wonderful indication that the Light is doing the work within me benefiting the transformation of my carbon based cells to crystalline based cells.

I choose to allow the unfolding happen with ease,grace and flow,i remain observer of my becoming Galactic in this physical body for the next 1000 years of Golden Age of Terra Christa,Gaia,New Earth.

I choose to come together with others on global synchronized meditations for co-creating our New Earth Realities in Reverance for all Life.

I Am Love,I Am Light,I Am Peace,I Am Joy,I Am Harmony,I Am a multidimensional being of Love and Light,I Am Abundance,I Am Prosperity,I Am Freedom and I Am Sovereign.

I choose to Feel More Than Fine Always,from this place I am in service for the Highest Good for All Life.

Thank You Higher Self,Archangels,Angels,Mother Father God,Saint Germain,Sananda and Mary Magdalene,Galactic Sisters and Brothers,Archangels,Angels,Fairies and Elementals,Ascended Masters and all Being of Lights,know and unknown that are of the Unlimited Unconditional Love of Mother Father God,Thank You,Thank You,Thank You.

Blessings in All Ways Always.

Aho,Amein and Hallelujah.