I Am Polyamorous since always.I have always communicated with honesty about my intentions and beingness and this of course has not been received so well in the past from almost all my partners.While i respect and love each and everyone of them for what they brought in my life,i am now opening a new chapter where i am officially daring to declare and live it.This of course goes through my own filters of selection as vibration attracts like vibration.I want my partners  to be 100% clean in their bodies, to be meditative and connected with their inner truth and higher self, higher self is the biggest love and with self love comes the love of each other,to know in the core of their beings that they are indeed love, loved and lovable!I see polyamory as a way to reach this state while sharing moments at the same time, be it romantic, be in bed, be it in playfulness, be it in similar passions and projects.Polyamory goes in many directions,in all directions the Universe can conceive of and this i find really exciting.Just my perspective, maybe you agree,maybe you don’t.Like Vibration attracts like vibration!!!

the practice of having
multiple romantic or sexual relationships with all partners full knowledge and consent.