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DECEMBER 2, 2019
  According to the Company of Heaven as Humanity passed through the 11:11 Gateway in November, the Light of God changed each of us in unique and very positive ways whether we were aware of that or not on a consciousness level. Now, as we enter this month of Holiday Celebrations, we are being given the opportunity to greatly expand the new frequencies of Light now flowing through the 11:11 Gateway. There will be several powerful celestial events and global activities in December that will provide all of us with an added impetus for our Lightwork. During our Weekly Vlogs, we will participate in these opportunities, one by one, as they occur. Together, we will join the Company of Heaven and expand the various influxes of Light exponentially. Our Weekly Vlogs are sent out via email every Tuesday morning. They are FREE and if you do not receive them but you would like to, you may sign up on our website:

The Beings of Light said that the greatly accelerated Divine Intervention we will receive this month is not happening by accident. The unfolding Divine Plan for 2020 is intended to raise the consciousness of Humanity and transform the surfacing outer-world events in ways that have never before been attempted. In order for awakening Humanity to be successful in this monumental endeavor, we need to greatly accelerate the Light and the Sacred Knowledge that is now flowing through Humanity’s newly activated Twelve 5th-Dimensional Strands of DNA. If we take full advantage of these opportunities, we will successfully pave the way for the Birth of 2020, and the Life-transforming events that are destined to occur during this critical NEW decade.

On November 10, 2019, we had our Free Seminar in San Diego, California. All was in readiness for the opening of the 11:11 Gateway which would be expanded to full breadth the next day. Lightworkers all over the World were focused on this Light-filled event and volunteered to participate with their full Divine Potential. To intensify the Light flowing through the 11:11 Gateway, on November 11th the Planet Mercury would transit our Sun and on November 12th we would experience a powerful Full Moon.

With that knowing, the dedicated Lightworkers gathered at the seminar in San Diego joined in consciousness with Lightworkers around the World who were projecting their Light and Love into the Chalice of our unified Heart Flames. Together we fulfilled the 1st phase of the Divine Plan for our monthly Free Seminars by consecrating our Life Force and offering to be the Open Door for the Light that our Father-Mother God are rhythmically infusing into our Planetary Grid of Transfiguring Divine Love every month. This Light is now expanding every person’s Lightwork one thousand fold every single day.

The next wave of our God Parent’s Light will infuse our Planetary Grid of Transfiguring Divine Love during our Free Seminar in Orlando, Florida, January 12, 2020. This seminar will occur during the completion of a very powerful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. If you have the Heart Call to add to the Light of the World in this critically important way on behalf of Humanity and Mother Earth, and you would like to physically attend our Free Seminar, you can register by clicking on the link below.
  After empowering our Grid of Divine Love, we were ready to fulfill the 2nd phase of the Divine Plan for the San Diego seminar.

The Second Phase of the Divine Plan that was Accomplished in
San Diego, California

  The Company of Heaven guided us through several activities of Light intended to prepare every person at an atomic cellular level to receive the highest frequencies of 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light we had ever been able to safely assimilate into our Earthly Bodies. These activities began with a powerful Violet Flame cleansing and purging, not only within Humanity’s bodies but Mother Earth’s Bodies as well. Following that Violet Flame activity, the Directors of the Elements assisted each person’s I AM Presence and our Body Elemental to recalibrate our Elemental Vortices to receive higher frequencies of Crystalline Light. This also occurred within the Bodies of Mother Earth.

Our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven have assured us that the more 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Light we can assimilate into our Earthly Bodies and the Elemental Kingdom which is associated with Mother Earth’s Bodies, the more gentle the inclement weather conditions and the necessary purging process will be that we are experiencing from Climate Change.
  The first celestial event involves a comet from interstellar space that entered our Solar system around October 26th. This comet which has been named 2I/Borisov, will pass closest to the Earth on December 8th according to NASA. This is only the 2nd time that a comet that originated from outside of our Solar system has ever been detected by astronomers. This comet is described as being 1.2 to 10 miles in diameter with the most hyperbolic orbit of all of the thousands of known comets. The Company of Heaven said this comet is shaking the ethers in new ways and braking down the obsolete patterns of separation and duality that are still adversely affecting Humanity’s awakening process.

On December 12th we will experience a very powerful Full Moon and a multidimensional celestial alignment that will open a Portal of Light that has been building in momentum for over 500 years. The influx of Light from this Portal will intensify until the December Solstice on December 21-22, 2019. During the Solstice, this unprecedented influx of Light will be anchored at a cellular level within Humanity’s Earthly Bodies.

December 12th is a powerful day in its own right, but this year the influx of Light that will bathe the Earth is being exponentially expanded because of the recently activated Twelve 5th-Dimensional Strands of DNA within every person on Earth.

In the outer-world, for the past 500 plus years, on December 12th people all over the Planet have been honoring the aspect of Mother Mary known as the Virgin of Guadalupe. This collective and rhythmic focus of attention on Mother Mary, who is an exponent of our Mother God and the Divine Feminine, has been building in momentum year by year. This has created a mighty Portal of Light that extends from the very Heart of our Father-Mother God into the Center of the Earth.

It is not by accident that December 12th is the day of celebration that turns Humanity’s attention to the Divine Feminine which is the Love Nature of God anchored in every person’s Heart Flame. 12:12 is a sacred geometric code that was imprinted within the DNA of Humanity by our I AM Presence after our fall from Grace. The Divine Intent of this code is to serve as a catalyst for Humanity’s accelerated awakening once we Ascended into a frequency of Light that would allow our I AM Presence to reactivate our Twelve Strands of DNA which became fragmented and dormant after the fall. Through the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth this miraculous event was God Victoriously accomplished in August of 2019.

Now it is time for the 12:12 catalyst encoded within Humanity’s DNA to be activated in a way that our God Parents have assured us will accelerate the awakening of the masses. All is in readiness. Under the direction of our Father-Mother God every person’s I AM Presence will begin the initial activation of this 12:12 catalyst on December 12, 2019. This activation will build in momentum for eleven days. The full Divine Momentum of this 12:12 activation will then be permanently sealed at a cellular level within the Core of Purity in every atomic and subatomic particle and wave of Humanity’s Earthly Bodies. This will occur during the December Solstice on December 21st and 22nd.

2019 is numerically a twelve year, 2+0+1+9 = 12. That means that this year December 12th is a 12:12:12 frequency of vibration which is perfect for the activation of the awakening 12:12 catalyst in every person’s DNA. The code 12:12 aligns with the Sacred Geometry associated with our Solar System. This is why we have Twelve 5th-Dimensional Strands of DNA, Twelve 5th-Dimensional Solar Chakras, Twelve Solar Aspects of Deity, Twelve Constellations in our Zodiac and Twelve Ages in our 26,000-year Precession of the Equinoxes. This is also why we hear so much about the power of the 12 times 12 and the number 144 or 144,000 in relation to the events of this Ascension process. Interestingly, this information is being shared on our 144th Vlog.

The activation of the 12:12 catalyst encoded within our DNA will begin on Dec. 12th. This activation will build in momentum and be sealed within the Core of Purity in the cellular structures of Humanity’s Earth Bodies by our I AM Presence during the Solstice on Dec. 21st and 22nd. According to the Company of Heaven this catalyst is designed to accelerate the awakening within the hearts and minds of the masses of Humanity.

This powerful week will begin with the December Solstice and progress with the spiritual traditions of Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. That means that there will be literally billions of people around the World opening their hearts and honoring God with their Loved Ones. That will create a collective Cup of Consciousness through which our Father-Mother God will be able to infinitely expand the Light we will experience through the very timely Eclipse Series that begins on Christmas Day.

On December 25-26, 2019, we will be blessed with a partial New Moon Solar Eclipse. This Eclipse will build in momentum through the Birth of the New Decade 2020, and be brought to fruition with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on January 11-12, 2020.

We were told by the Company of Heaven that the unfolding Divine Plan for 2020 is intended to raise the consciousness of the masses of Humanity and transform the surfacing outer-world events in ways that have never before been attempted. Through the unified efforts of the Company of Heaven and awakening Humanity, we will succeed in preparing Humanity and Mother Earth for this quantum shift.

Precious Heart, we at Era of Peace wish you a Glorious and God Victorious December and New Year. Words cannot express how Grateful we are for YOU and your willingness to be the Open Door for these Life-transforming opportunities.  
God Bless You,
Patricia Cota-Robles

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