Party for those who honor their bodies & seek spiritual growth

From Amsterdam to NYC and Cologne to Bonn Sober Parties are taking over!

For those who honor their bodies,seek spiritual growth are from all backgrounds/races,who respect and wish to explore our connection to each other and enjoy Healthy Pleasures!

Smart Party NYC’s #1 Alcohol Free Social Network

New York, NY
1,478 Conscious Creatives

Wellness. Arts. Community…..the Smart Party…Meet a very intriguing, open -minded,  diverse group.. who are committed to an alcohol free lifestyle. Gather to participate in…

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Sober is the new drunk: why millennials are ditching bar crawls for juice crawls   In Cologne April 28th 2016.12141061_1947485218810620_5662010995450593785_o-1024x384


Feel More Than Fine in Bonn.May 22nd 2016.

Bonn Healthy//Voiceless//Barefoot Dance Party Bonn.