Parallels Realities and Jumping Timelines

I come often to think that everybody and everything around me is a reflection of what i imagine and of what i think of them.And what i think of them brings me to what i feel for them.While my brain will try to go to past memories, i catch it before time by the way i feel.Because the way i feel defines how aligned i am with Source.And so if someone has been mean to me in the past and while my brain is trying to bring to the present this memory, i go directly to the way i feel about them in the now and since :IAM the Love,IAM the Light,IAM the Truth, this awareness allows me to raise my frequency and feel good about everyone and everything without being attached to the past and so creating a parallel reality where everyONE is loving and forgiving and kind.This is why it has been hammered so often that :YOU CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY.And so the more i do the work of reminding myself that IAM the Love,IAM the Light,IAM the Truth in deep meditation (at least 15’)the more my brain disengages from the past and comes to the present and creates thoughts that feel good almost automatically.The way i feel is directly connected to Higher Self/Soul and so the more i do this practice, the more through entrainment i create parallels realties that are getting closer to my highest good and the highest good for all which is what my Higher Self and hence me in this now really wants.And i believe what my Higher Self wants is one and the same with everyone else’s Higher Self fully aware that each and everyONE is different in the way they achieve this through passion and different interests in life.’Same Same but Different’ as they say in Thailand.
Does it always go up into better realities?no, because one gets affected by events that are felt through our senses and through meeting with many who are not aware of this Truth.That is why the term :to be in the world but not of it.To be fully aware that one is The Love and The Light and The Truth while walking down the streets among many who are not or even in social media(don’t stay too long, this can bring vibration down super fast).And by holding that thought as much as possible, one does greater service than trying to express with words anything.In this way, one affects the whole and creates a parallel reality for all around him/her.The name of the game is to not be affected by it, to keep vibrations high, to be loving with self and all others no matter what arises.That is to be The Christ Present in the here and now.And that is how i jump timelines and the name of the game is to go to a higher timeline where more of the things that are in my Vortex are showing themselves to me.
I am about to find out what is this day bringing to me and i know this is ALWAYS in direct relation about the way i feel in the now.If i feel good i better check for signs and if i don’t i better go within in meditation to calm my mind till i feel good again.And when i send out my Light for The Highest Good For all this feeling multiplies a 1000X and that is what it means to be Of Service:sending love to all that are in need on the planet ,feeling compassion and visualising beautiful outcome for all, these are very powerful tools that keep our timeline always high as what we visualise for others becomes also our reality.If i see all others being abundant and prosperous, i become it in the now.If i see all others being happy, with enough food on the table and the roof of their living over their heads and awesome mobility for all being healed and rejuvenated i become it also in my now.I am what i think and feel for all others in the now.I take responsibility for it.I Create It.I Rise and Soar and Fly within my beautiful Ascending Body firmly grounded on Gaia every now.That is the work to do.And i love every second of it.



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