Negative thoughts?

This is the story of a dear friend on my facebook profile that was trapped in negative thinking just for a while.It can maybe help those around you or yourself : “stupid unnecessary worries which caused me to loose my positive thoughts I normally have…
It weren’t doubts, more frustrations, anger,… A spin of madness thoughts witch came creeping in my mind the past 36 hours and created a negative spin that turned into what I was feeling when creating this post. I then saw what Nikos Akrivos replied, turned of my phone, dimmed the lights, drank some water instead of beer, put on some shamanic sounds, took a candle in my hands, closed my eyes, counted to 17 and experienced the images/thoughts that came in to replace the bad ones. And as a few happy tears started rolling over my cheeks when picturing this beautiful thought, and writing it down as Nikos suggested, my head became lighter again. I remembered a saying from a movie : “you have to select your thoughts every day, like you select the clothes you are going to wear. When you clear tu your mind you create a gateway and than the universe can rush in and fill your mind with more love than you could ever imagine”

That’s exactly what happened.
So, now it’s Friday morning and I am ready to start the weekend with renewed energy and good vibes 🙏💜🎶😊
Thank you Wendy De Schutter for sharing this.