Negative Attachments, Some People Do Make Things Worse-AA Michael via Sharon-

Certain People Can Make Things Worse

I was talking to Archangel Michael, who I’ve called in to help me with the situation with my neighbor. He gave me some interesting information about people like this drunken energy vampire, who attaches himself to people for the sake of feeding off of their energy.

It goes without saying that he has many malevolent attachments. Archangel Michael told me that this man isn’t a portal within himself but because he is so negative he will attract negative entities, which of course, will find their way into the neighbor’s homes and their lives.

I find that right now, my life has gotten really stressful since that day, my neighbor next door is complaining that the bath tub is leaking into his kitchen again, his wife’s job is up in the air right now and all the perks they could enjoy because she actually got some vacation time and flexibility as to when she would take it.

All our lives have tanked since the other day, my stress level has been very high, I’ve gotten behind in my canning, the cat got sick. You name it.

I’m not blaming this all on this man, however, Archangel Michael said that because they attract negative entities his being here will introduce more of them into our lives and create more negative circumstances for us so they can feed.

Archangel Michael: Yes, I said that. These people are not portals, however they do attract more negativity than the ordinary human. These entities are attracted to anyone they can gain easy feed from, the easier the better, and with a number of higher consciousness neighbors around this man, such as yourself, and your neighbor next door, as well as one of his children, there are plenty to pick from. The reason you have so many ghosts as well as the paranormal occurrences that your neighbor is speaking of is because of these entities. Also he showed you a photo of a zeta in his basement, and these will come to you as well because with such a negative man in your vicinity, it is more comfortable for them to be there.

In higher light areas, they are not interested of course. The reason that your particular set of homes is so negative is because this is a heavily infested area. We are working to remove this infestation, however, do your part please and do not react to this man. He is the reason the area is so dense.

Me: Ah. Got it. So this goes out to all of you who have this type of toxic person in your family, or neighborhood. Keep smudging and clearing because they’re attracting dark entities and you have more than your fair share trying to upset you to get loosh.

Archangel Michael: It is important you don’t allow him to lower your frequency. Don’t let him get to you otherwise you will be feeding these entities.

Me: Got it.

Archangel Michael: Sharon, work on raising the frequency of your immediate area. You were shielding so continue to cleanse with white light and shield the area. Negative entities and negative people are happier living around other negative people, and this will affect the lives of others living in the area. They have a corrosive effect. When they do come out, as you’ve noticed, your lives will be adversely affected by this energy unless you’re aware and take measures to prevent and defeat it.
Me: Thank you. Michael.

AA Michael: You’re most welcome, Sharon. Remember toxic people have toxic attachments. The more toxic they are, the more they are affected by, or the more attachments they have. These attachments are always looking for someone to feed from and will attempt to bring your frequency down. So be wise to them and don’t let them.

Me: Thank you.

AA Michael: You’re most welcome, dear.