My perception is magnifying.

close up photo of butterfly perched on flower
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These last days, more than ever i am experiencing a magnification of perception of all things. I feel more present than ever with every little thing i do, be it looking myself in the mirror, during my meditation, when i prepare food, when i walk, when i eat, when i drink, even when i am busy of social media! Yesterday i had the inner nudge to just let go everything i usually do and treat myself to a nice walk, do some shopping, be out in the streets , smile and greet as many as they are receptive to it, i feel like i want to hug every one ,i feel i want to share my energy with all those around me! This must be it, the beginning of 5th dimensional life expressing in the here and now, even when those around me have no idea whatsoever , except of those that i really take time to hung around with, that includes my parents…as soon as i decide to go and get busy with my stuff, they are like : where are you going? stay a little longer…in my almost 51 years of existence ,living mostly far away from family in other countries and even when i was a child being raised by my grandmother while parents were working abroad, this is all feels new to me. And i must say i do my best to hang around as much as possible and there is so much i can as the inner calling for self love lets me know that it is time to fly high in my own company. Never before have i enjoyed my own company than now. I had many partners so far in my life and these past 20 months i have been all by myself and pretty much enjoying myself so much so that i don’t know when will i get again with some one…just this time i feel that the one that will show up will happen through magnetics and out of the blue when i least expect it. In the mean time i enjoy the beauty of my own company and constantly reaching higher states and deeper truths and how exciting this has been so far, even if i had some moments of intense pain…in this moment I Am Flying! my wings are wide open and i enjoy this ride so much that i am eager to explore more, eager to travel again without all the restrictions anywhere (i didn’t do the jab, no PCR tests for me and no wearing mask either :)))))). I am eager to begin with our humanitarian programs to help people help people!!! There is such a need of prosperity funds in this now! In all countries across the planet, there are so many in search of monies to buy grosseries and pay bills…i am part already of few groups and all i can say is Thank you God for having already received moneys to assist them, thank you Spirit of Money to assist us in the journey , to assist every human being to be benevolent working for the highest good for all, thank you, thank you, thank you.

So for now, i remain in this blissful state, knowing fully that this how more of what i want and need is magnetized to me. It is all about the way i feel and i feel so good! I Feel More Than Fine! And so It Is!

Nikos Akrivos