My Lucid Dream Last Night.

Last night,i was with my soul sparks family after requesting to meet them.And it was marvellous amazing fun fantastic awesome to be and chat with them.I just feel like going to bed again, you know that feeling, right?right.Unconditional Love pouring all over.There were 4 of them,3 adults and one child and they were speaking in a language that sounded more brazilian than anything else.The most funny part is that there was a dog-with very big expressive eyes that looked me straight into my eyes with so much love-that was of red-pinkish color.Hilarious,i know.Towards the end of the dream,i was in the arms of a female presence, felt like Mother Love,very compassionate cosmic hug,i woke up while being in there and i could hear my breath and a second breath, like being in 2 different dimensions simultaneously, the one here in 3d,the one on the other dimension,i don’t know if i should call it 5th or parallel dimension, must have been the breath of my mother spark soul, it’s all new to me right now, most probably i begin to remember where i come from,maybe another planet?we shall see if this follows up!

I just share this since i’ve been working on remembering my lucid dreams for a while now, going to bed always at 22h-23h(the only reason i stay awake after 22h is for Jared Rand’s Global Meditation) and waking up around 3h30-4h00 as mostly it happens naturally.This is a moment i do another meditation expanding my Light to the world, work on my manifestations and maybe do some house  cleaning or yoga if i have the energy for it till i drop again ready for another 3 hour sleep.It is then that i have the most vivid ludic dreams that i am aware i am having while sleeping.Try it!it is very fun,all you need is to intent and ask to meet your soul sparks family(as shared by Dancing Dolphin in previous channeling posted on this website)