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Ok, here it is. While i know that it is impossible to share how i feel with anyone, what i can do is share on how do i spend my days lately so it might give you a glimpse of inspiration to try something new, to integrate something new.

Let’s begin:

1st thing in the morning, i have some water and meditate between 20 to 50′ depending on how energies flow…i am doing a lot of affirmations all along while also asking to be of service for every woman , man and child on the planet through my work and also asking support from All That Is, Universe, Mother Father God, Angelic and Archangelic kingdom, Mother Earth, the elementals and The Elohim and All legions of Light throughout eternity.

Right after i do my yoga or chi gong session and stretching and if i feel tired i opt for some more sleep, otherwise having breakfast or getting out of the ouse for a walk depending if i feel hungry or not. Ascension energies play a lot and at times there is no feeling of hunger at all, since the cells are becoming crystalline and are fed directly from absorbed Light through conscious breath.

The day continues with writting about all things i appreciate in the here and now from the very small to the very big to dreams that have not manifested yet, since i know, once i ask, it is given at all times, this or better.

And then comes the time of allowing, surrendering doing activities that can be creating some music, preparing some lunch, meeting with friends, dancing at a 100% sober party, anything that pleases my inner child, including eating ice cream, chocolat etc. Child wants to play and child gets to play 🙂

And from here if more ideas and inspiration comes i follow those ,if not i will make a stop during the day and go within again to radiate peace and love all around me.

All the previous activities repeat all over depending where inspiration guides me.

One my main practices is to feel into what is that i wish to see manifest through the 369 practice. = 3 times a day, choose 6 things i want to see manifest and describe with feelings how each feels, writting down or simply speaking or thinking about while i am hiking or walking around. Child wants to play. Playfulness is something that i most definetely prefer that patience. I like to play and have fun instead of waiting for something to happen. Sorry folks up in the skies and all gurus all around, that is what i come to bring on this planet :))))))))))

Appreciation and eager anticipation and playfulness and fun are the tools i am using to attract all that i desire and it works the miracle for me.

And i hope for you too.

Try, maybe for few days or a week.

Your own retreat in the comfort of your space.

By the way we will be launching a retreat of 3 weeks in ibiza in September, i will be posting about this soon here.

To this here are 2 vlogs to attract more financial means in your reality and an invitation to not follow MSM. Just follow inner guidance, find alignement and get momentum going!!!!

Much Love and Namaste

aaaaaaand Feel More Than Fine Ever After :))))))

Nikos Akrivos

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