My Galactic Disclosure Continues.

Yesterday,September 19th,2018 about 9pm North West,Greece,i had a sudden interruption of my internet connection and since i never tend to create resistance to myself and always believing that there is a reason for everything, i came out in my balcony, take a fresh breeze of air and the first thing i did is look up in the clear sky and there it was again:2 intense white light flashes sending (me?) a signal right above my head and then after that i saw about 5 or 6 galactic ships,2 crossing each other on a speed faster than aeroplanes and yet not too fast, they were perceived about 2 to 3 minutes.2 of them stopped for a while, it felt like they were doing some intense cleaning in the sky as right above them, the usual chemtrail plane was passing by, i  recognise this one by the sound it makes which is quite different from a normal aeroplane with passengers.Then a fleet of about 4 to 5 ships were following each other on a an almost straight line.At the same time i captivated an intenser sound of the higher spheres,i can hear the higher spheres almost all the time now and can even captivate higher or lower frequencies,Angelic presence or upgrades of Ascension.Clairaudience,part of my new abilities now, must be because of my love for music!

Here is the first part of my disclosure so far:

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