My Experience so far as a First Ascension Wave (living in and out of 5D).

(this note is added after i posted this because simply the skies have ALL the answers , after reading this ,please read this one from AA Gabriel :You will not experience a smooth trajectory forward, but rather a path full of experiences, stops and starts, and what you consider to be successes and failures. | FEEL MORE THAN FINE)

I am part of the team that assisted the planet shifting collectively to 5D. And so from that aspect my work is done, knowing fully that in this present timeline i am here to show the way through my own thriving and growth. But here is the catch : i really thought that after crossing this line, my life will feel much smoother and easier and free; it makes sense from a linear point of perspective , , while most around me for over 13 years since i begun this journey seem to lead a life beyond happy with their families and jobs eating junk foods , partying, drinking without seemingly being affected by it etc. As a Reiki teacher i gave all i had so anyone who came to me could discover the beauty of connecting to the Divine and from here leading a life happily ever after and succesfully done my work as i witness . Truth be told, in this current time, after the end of 2019 where i had confirmation that my work is done from The Light Beings, i though i would be able to move forward now without any negativity felt in my life and let me tell you: it is not the case at all and let me explain why: the more i become ONE with the Divine through my personal Ascension process the more i have also at times feelings of great resistance and emotional rollercoasters from fear, hate, anger to joy, love , peace, happiness…these do not last for ever but at times with then rise of Light seen on The Schuman Resonance becomes very accentuated and even though i do my daily meditations up to 2 hours a day at times these feelings may persist!

I know that the indicator of alignment to Source is to feel good and my intention to feel more than fine -as shoot a little higher than just feeling good- works its miracle and yet these moments of unstable emotional rollercoaster happen too! It would be a lie if i told you that i feel more than fine all the time while you will never hear me say to anyone out there i don’t feel good because i simply choose to speak of what works and even at times lie about how i feel as when i make the affirmation I FEEL GREAT, I FEEL MORE THAN FINE with power and resolve guess what happens next? I am a creator of my reality as you are and the results prove it! So in contrast with The Arcturians , who have no idea what it means to live in a human body really that share in their messages, that we must share our ‘pain’ with others i go for THE MAGIC FORMULA : I FEEL MORE THAN FINE instead and create reality from here. And let me also explain why : The pain i feel is not mine but of the collective’s, that is what happens when one aligns more with GOD, one feels more the collective’s energy and one learns to transmute it from within out which a huge work by itself. So the pain i feel i can easily release by asking Divine Mother to take it from me, i am not alone, i got Legions of Light throughout Eternity supporting me in my journey along Father Mother God and The Supreme Creator. This does not happen though in an instant in our linear 3D time. It takes time , it affects my eating habits, i can’t even enjoy my raw vegan chocolats lol or a simple light raw vegan meal…I must be very careful of what i ingest and water is the best beverage of all along fruit juices…so this brings progressively to becoming a breatharian…do i want to become a breatharian now ? no, not yet i want to enjoy raw vegan delights 🙂 It seems though that once we cross the line, we can’t go back to things that the body/mind/spitit complex is used and change happens more and more as body shifts from Carbon based to Crystal based from Human to Galactic.

Basically i feel that i am/ we are the experiment and the Galactics are observing me / us and learning from me / us and then share in their messages what i go through and how i / we smooth it out. This is why i post so often messages from The Arcturians here because i agree with them and now i found the reason. They learn from me/ us and then they share to their audiences through other channels. Call me / us selfish or self centered i don’t care because i am!!! knowing fully it is in my thriving and raising my vibration that i am helping the collective leading the path to Ascension for each and everyone following that path. I lead through my example, through silence when i walk in the streets and through answering questions only when i am asked and only then.

I am grateful for all the support i am getting from all Light beings and please Arcturians i know you innerstand what i mean here lol.

So from a personal point of view i wish that this emotional rollercoaster i feel ends sooner than later cause then this means we are ready for the next phase of our evolution as a collective.

From a Light Worker / White Hat working in silence among millions doing the same work as Gate keepers and Bridge to 5D Hosts in service for The Highest Good for all that does not expect to be understood by the widest population of humanity and is more than fine and very ok with that.

Besides all that Our Financial Freedom through NESARA/GESARA is long overdue. For those amongst you that have the means please and thank you for your contribution : Donate here


Nikos Akrivos