My Ascension Experience(So Far)

In this life time of mine i have experienced quite few moments that i could not clearly understand what was it that was taking me away from one desired path (from an ego perspective as perceived then) to bring me towards another one that i was not expecting, only to find out that in the end all worked out much better than i was hoping for.I feel it is right time for those of you that have chosen to go through your Ascension process to share with you some of my stories, so this may assist you in normalising things even during these ever increasing frequencies and energies pummeling Earth and all living beings in this now time space reality of ours as a collective.

It was in 1987, while practicing during my college years to become a high level athlete (sprinter of 200m), that i had a quite serious ankle twisting forcing me me to stop and keep my leg in plaster for about 3 months, that i found myself slowly saying good bye to my teenage dream.It is only just 2 years ago that i found out about the convergence experience in August 1987 where many Light workers came together globally to meditate for peace and harmony,confirming to our Creator our will of not allowing humanity destroy itself one more time and sending out the intention to allow all Humanity go through the Ascension within our physical bodies ,for those that choose so.And so my so called accident back then became a blessing right now seen from this new perspective. We collectively experienced a huge awakening with the 9/11 incident and then on 2008, another personal awakening happened for me when while doing extremely well in my international DJ career, one day out of the blue ,i felt like ‘the sky fell over my head’.
I was already practicing meditation almost on a daily basis at this point and of course as always The Angels received my call and as the student was ready for more, they showed me the way: i got introduced to Reiki Usui Practice for Self Healing and for assisting others to heal themselves.Since that time there is not one day that i don’t practice it, for clearing my Aura and for quite few years i did Reiki on others to assist them in their self discovery journey till one day, i decided to turn this page and move in a more planetary work, offering myself free of charge for distance healing sessions and volunteering for creation or support of already existing humanitarian projects.I for sure practiced my free will on doing exactly what i want from my point of view then leading me to so many more experiences.

One of the projects that we had the idea to start up with 2 more Light Workers, Toby and Belinda ,it was Healing Ibiza in 10-10-2010 with the intention to bring channelers and healers and artists and musicians under one roof, all offering our gifts free of charge with a based on donation entrance and where all money goes to assist children.It was for me also a perfect occasion to merge my DJ skills with my newly learned Reiki technique and do a healing work through sound that come closer to defining what Feel More Than Fine is all about.It is in that moment that i chose to continue playing music as much as possible in Healthy Events promoting Well Being.The event continues still on this day,only the name has changed to Ibiza Spirit and while it is filled with great workshops and people gathering for the highest good, the location itself still has to do their business and sell alcoholic beverages that quite frankly destroy the vibe.And that has been my intention since then, to create events that are 100% healthy.That is the intention i send out to the Universe to allow us create these events at Conscious Light workers totally free and sustainable to create free of the need to depend on someone that wants to keep on doing business as usual.So then,the big became small and small is beautiful.

And so in 2012, life again showed me another facet where i had to choose between my comfort zone or the Mother Earth and living close to nature path.And since i was already preaching the Feel More Than Fine lifestyle in always choosing what feels and fills us with joy, i found myself again ‘walking my talk’ ,selling my BMW to my dad and living a camping life for 2 long summers seasons of more than 6 months in Ibiza, living in a tent just 3 meters in front of the sea, swimming ,running and doing yoga every day while switching from vegetarian to vegan and raw vegan diet, all intuitevelly, all organically taken decisions.

It was in this year(2012) that i totally trusted The Mayan prophecy ,knowing deeply ,that there is an end to this world and a much better one coming that yet our minds can not conceive, especially back then

.t was then in 2016 that i knew i had, again, to drop everything i was doing , totally engage in finding myself and loving myself , say goodbye to poly-amorous relationships and materialistic 3d dreams , isolate myself in nature with very little financial means ,learning to absorb more Love and Light within my body through intense meditation techniques and fasting. Looking around me and becoming aware that almost none of my friends were doing meditation , i knew that somebody had to do the work to be the example of clarity and way shower for others and that was me.
The sense of responsibility in truly doing the inner work is something that i feel very blessed about because back then i had no idea where this all leads,not that know today btw.I just knew that i had to follow my joy and it was my responsibility to find all the pieces within me if i truly wanted to make my dream reality of living in a loving and forgiving, abundant and prosperous planet in total respect for Mother Earth in beautiful communities where we each value each other in true authentic understanding of our oneness .I even made my own 5’ movie with different scenes that i could watch and dream of which btw many pieces became my reality while others in a different way i was hoping and that’s because of the soul lessons i had to learn.

And so this bring me to where i am today:The merging of my Higher Self within my physical body and me, where I Know and Feel and experience Ecstatic states of pure Love within my Divinity and Awesome Small and Big Manifestations ,one with my Higher Self ,One with God and One with All that is,Loving Unconditional All That Is, leading through the Clarity of my example through Joy at all times with ease, grace and flow .And yes while i love myself intensely and throwing flowers to myself to show off , i am not trying to convince you about my experience.We both Know that this is very personal ,same way as you are already experiencing or will experience in your journey of evolution from Carbon based cells to Crystalline Based called Ascension. Do show off to others, because that is how they learn, my perspective, we don’t have to agree:)

What is the next phase? you ask me.
It has to do in assisting others to also cross the bridge which i am already doing using all i have and many more colleagues are doing so as well: social media, website ,music, workshops to help as many as possible realize the presence of the huge elephant with red nails in their living room called Ascension.
Innovative Philanthropy for the Highest Good for All is the next stage for Feel More Than Fine for 2020-2037…quite honestly i thought it would be for at least 100 years and then again some message came to me that all humanity and life will be served by 2037.A prophecy???We shall see.

Btw do you know the joke? why elephants paint their nails red?

They do this so they can hide behind red flowers.

But, did you ever see elephants hiding behind red flowers?

Of course you didn’t.(and if you did,You are the exception of exceptions!)

You know why?

Because …..

scroll down

scroll down

scroll down

scroll down

scroll down

scroll down

scroll down

scroll down

scroll down

scroll down

scroll down

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Because they hide so well!

And so same way Ascension is hiding so well under our skin.
Should i start painting my nails red maybe so some may know where i am on my journey? naaaaaaaa on a day to day basis, better to be spotted by those that are already on the path, much more exciting this way :))))))))

I still get to play music in healthy events, sober parties or DJ classes for Kids, maybe catch up with you in one of those.

Or maybe ,we just share moments in meditation rooms or/and retreats tor maybe in one of Abraham Hicks cruises who knows?

Or maybe, you can come and visit one of our sanctuaries and experience what is about to happen in this next decade which quite honestly while i have more than few ideas about , i have learned to anticipate for the unexpected out of mercy for my ego, that has lost all hope and had also accepted the high way of Love and Light instead of the struggling timelines that i truly wish no-one should experience for any longer now.

Smooth Ascension and The Highest Good for All Please Universe ,I Love You, Thank You.

I do hope that you had a good laugh at least with this blog of mine!
If i can make somebody laugh today, even by being the joke myself that’s a winner to me.

See when i see you, if i see you and you see me , bumping on each other because our frequencies have matched because we both Feel More Than Fine.
(red nails may always help lol)

And So It Is.And So Be It.

Much Love


ps.The synchronised meditations are 2 powerful ways to get on your Ascension Self discovery Journey, all information here.

Art Work by Mark Eden.