My Alchemical Chamber

Note :Do You know why my sunglasses are of violet color? because it reminds me to blaze the Violet Fire wherever i go:Transmute Transmute by the Violet Fire,all causes and cores not of God’s desire!IAM a Being of Violet Fire,IAM the Purity of God’s Desire.IAM a Being of Violet Fire,IAM the Fulfillemt of Mother’s Desire.I repeat and repeat these words in my mind all day long.The Violet Fire assists me in creating my Alchemical Chamber anywhere,whatever i do and with whoever i do it.The Violet fire is my direct connection 1:1 with Saint Germain,with the Angels of Violet Fire ,with the Golden Eyed Dragons of the Violet Fire(only those are of the Unlimited Unconditional Light and Love),with the Amethyst Crystals and AA Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst:these are the Light beings that assist me in relation to the use of this powerful tool i have in my armour, among many others.

And so I go often into my Alchemical Chamber.It is within this space that i create my reality.It is within this space that messages are coming to me guiding me to what feels more joyful.Many years ago,i asked the Divine to show me how to best navigate through the upcoming years and i have created a vision board that was in relation with the way i for-saw my and the collective’s Ascension process.Of course in my visions there were only roses and smiling children and animals and beautiful gardens and nice people celebrating and abundance and prosperity of all good things in life including all material things with excellent well being being the most important of all along Free Energy and Eco-Sustainable Community(-ies).Of course little did i know back then that today i will be talking about living in this body for 1000 years or speaking about the shift of financial systems or even a ‘plandemic’ or even being in someway interested in watching what is happening with politics worldwide.Even as i know now,politics do not have any impact in my life,i feel happy in sharing messages that show that even in these ones,changes are taking place that lead to the highest good for all.As governments of the world are collaborating directly with the Light Beings in bringing about changes that will assist each and everyONE in their Ascension journey with ease,grace and flow.Of course the way we choose to perceive the ride to go there is a personal choice.And since i only saw in my visions,pure joy,this is what i feel and experience in this now,even with all the so called ‘chaos’ happening all around me/us.To me this is even a great cause of celebration and i know before hand that in 100 years from Now as shared by Kryon,this period we are going through will me remembered as a very positive one where all the shifts took place and so many more became awakened!

There is a way to remain in joy 24/7 and the way to do it is by always choosing what feels joyful every now.To participate in global meditations is super powerful way to do this.Not only we are helping the collective and being of service from the comfort of wherever we find ourselves to be AND also absorbing more Light which in turn assists the body receiving and perceiving smoothly all that is happening withIN creating more compassion and Trust and a feeling of Safety/Security/Balance/Harmony/Peace all day long.

Among those global meditations the ones we do on SUNdays are very powerful indeed.I have been doing them since 4 years now and they take place every SUNday at 14h11/17h11 and 20h11 Central European Time.

I vividely invite you to join us and sit with us for 33 minutes for every session and feel what is taking place within you.I vividely invite you to to do this one on a daily basis even for 15′ ,i promise you will feel the well being and clarity filling your being.


Just going into your ‘alchemical chamber’,do the good work and imagines what is that you want and feel into it and the more you feel it,the more your life is/will be so.So simple indeed.

Much Love